Wednesday, May 2, 2007

In Which I Breathe a HUGE Sigh of Relief...

After the great cake fiasco of 2007, I worried and fretted for THREE WHOLE DAYS waiting to hear from either the bride or her sister that they weren't angry with me and understood the misunderstanding. TODAY I received this email from the bride's sister (the one who was giving the shower).


Oh no, I am so sorry. Honestly I was out and about so much yesterday I didn't get in front of a computer until this morning. We are really not upset at all.

I really don't know what happened. I sent you an email on April 2nd when the date changed, but I spoke with a friend of mine whom I sent an ecard to right around the 1st or 2nd and she never got that either. Our desktop computer had a nasty virus a couple months back and we thought the issue was resolved, but it appears we are not able to send or receive emails. It's very odd because I'll check email on my laptop no problem, but on the desktop appears that I haven't received anything since March.

Anyway, it is obviously not your fault and it didn't even occur to me to make sure we were on the same page last week, and I really should have made sure we were. I believe the cake for this coming up shower is taken care of, but I would love if you wouldn't mind doing the same cake for her lingerie party/bachelorette party. That one is June 16th and the invitations are already made so that date is NOT changing. :) I also do want to compensate you for the materials you used, please let me know what I can give you and I'll send a check to you. I feel pretty bad too, I am sorry you were worried.

So, I can breathe again...and I can relax and enjoy my crazy cake and cookie week without that added stress!

I've just about finished all of the cookies, there ended up being 186 total that are actually being delivered. There were another 20 or so that were either practice, or extras in case of breakage. Man, that's a lot of cookies! I have also baked the first two layers of the wedding cake, and 2 cakes for our local high school's softball banquet. I'll bake two more wedding cake layers tonight. Then tomorrow I'll bake a birthday cake with sports balls on it, and the final 2 layers of the wedding cake, and I'll decorate the softball cakes. I will also make three deliveries tomorrow which will free up some space in my freezer for the rest of the wedding cake layers! I'll be back later tonight with pictures of all the cookies. I still have 2 dozen to add details to before I take the pictures....whew!


cookieintern said...

Did I read correctly?! EXTRA cookies? mmmmm... my belly is grumbling and my mouth is watering... Wooo hoooo! can't wait!! (Whew on the cake saga!) Cookies, cookies, COOKIES!!

Robin Green said...

Oh, Melody, I am so glad that whole ordeal is taken care of--I'm sure you were so upset about it. Talk of all those cookies is making me quite the hungry girl... You sound too busy for words--my head was spinning just reading about all you have to do!!!