Monday, April 27, 2009

A Must Read..

I really don't know what else to say.


I was not asked to review this book. I just loved it, and absolutely had to share it with you all!

I first heard about this book from on Twitter. Then I started noticing "Tweets" from some of the other people I follow with quotes from this book. It caught my attention, and I knew I wanted to read it for myself.

Last Friday evening I asked Ben if I could have a G.N.O. all by myself, and he graciously agreed! :) I headed first to my favorite bookstore and asked if they had a copy of The Noticer in the store. I was directed to the proper shelf, and there was one lone copy...just waiting for me to snatch it up! (I found out this morning that the actual release date is tomorrow, but when stores got their copies, some of them just went ahead and put it out on the shelves. I am convinced that God put that lone copy on the shelf at my Hastings Bookstore for ME to read. (And yes Mom, to pass on to you! :))

After I bought the book, I headed out for a night at the! It would have been heaven, except for the obnoxious teen aged girls who thought it was funny to through popcorn at my head throughout the entire movie! Why is that funny? I didn't even know them...

ANYWAY, once I left the movie, I really didn't want to go anywhere else, so I headed home, closed the door to my room and curled up in my rocking chair with The Noticer. I would have stayed there all night if I could have. I did NOT want to put it down!

Alas, 4 children can only get along for so long without their mom, so I had to put the book on hold. I have read it at every opportunity since then and finished it up this morning. I'm a little sad that it's over. This is a book that I wish had no end. I could continue learning all of it's little lessons for the rest of my life!

"My contention is that you are right where you are supposed to be. This may look like barren sand to you, but nothing could be further from the truth. I say to you that as you lay your head down tonight, you are sleeping on fertile ground. Think, learn, ray, plan, dream. For will become."

The official title of the book is "The Noticer: Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective."
And as you can tell from the above quote, the perspective in this book is one of hope, and blessing. The book is a narrative/allegory that leads you on a journey of finding a new perspective in your own life. Something I desperately need every time I watch the news!

I just read a review of this book by Gail Hyatt whom I also follow on Twitter. And something she mentions at the beginning of her review was whether or not she could think of 5 people with whom she would like to share this book. I started laughing when I read that because while I was reading a made of list of way more than 5 people that I'd love to share a copy with! (Incidentally, she had more than 5 too!) In her review Gail tells the story of one person to whom she did give the book to, and how it has changed his life already!

But I actually went one step further. I not only plan to give this book to several friends, and have recommended it to several others, but I went out and found every other book by Andy Andrews, and I've already dived into the first one!

Take my advice. Go out NOW and buy a copy of this book. You will not be sorry! And when you have read this book, you will understand when I say that I am a goldfish, but I married a cat! :)

Go! Buy! Now! Need a second opinion? Go read what others are saying here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Am Back!

Hey Everyone! I have missed our little chats! I didn't plan on being gone for a month, but some things came up and I had too many plates spinning to keep this one up as well. :)

However, I believe that things are about back to normal now, so I plan to be back here on a more regular basis again. (And by normal, I of course mean, slightly less manic!) :)

I am writing this on my phone, so I'm a bit limited in what I can post, but I just wanted to stop in and say "Hi!" For a change. Later today I plan to take the kids to see the new Disney Movie "Earth", so I'll probably stop back by and let you all know what we thought of it. I really want to see the new Hannah Montana movie and 17 Again, myself, but couldn't find a way to justify them during school hours! ;) If you can think of a good reason to see them that is "school-related", PLEASE let me know! :)

Okay, I've had my quiet time this morning, I can't go for a run/walk because it's raining, and I've caught up on Twitter already, so I guess it's time to wake the kids and get this day started...sigh.

Thanks for stopping by!