Saturday, May 5, 2007

Crazy Cake Weekend Continued

I just got back from delivering the cakes for the wedding. There were a couple of things I wasn't satisfied with, but I think it turned out okay...

First, here is the picture of the Birthday Cake that went with the basketball, baseball, football, and soccer ball cookies. I think this may be one of my favorite cakes EVER! It turned out so cute, don't you think? What you can't see is that the balls are 3 dimensional. They are actually popping up out of the cake!

And here is the groom's cake for today's wedding. He's apparently BIG into Fords. The groom's table was covered with Ford Memorabilia!


The couple is actually already married. He is a soldier and was stationed in Iraq and they got married by a Justice of the Peace in between his two tours of duty. He is home now and they decided to have the wedding reception that they didn't have before. They had the reception in the American Legion Hall and decorated in a very Texas-Style with brown tablecloths and daisies, and bronze luminarias with Texas stars on them.

The cake is made to look like 3 gift boxes in cream with a slightly darker cream lid. The ribbons and bows are all made out of chocolate fondant. Oh my! Did it SMELL GOOD!!!

I did manage to get my living room cleaned up a bit today and vacuumed, and I did load the dishwasher. Unfortunately, not all of the mess would fit, so I still have some work to do in there...sigh. I also still need to bake one more cake for a baby shower tomorrow. For now, however, I'm hungry, NASCAR is on, and I need a little break from the world of sugar. I'll post tomorrow's cake, tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe have something to write about besides cakes and cookies.....maybe.


Kelli said...

That wedding cake is BEAUTIFUL :)

You are an artiste'!

Tracey said...

Wow! That wedding cake is gorgeous!!! You are SO talented!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

How do you bring yourself to cut into a cake like that wedding one?? You would just have to make me a prop cake so I could eat one and look at the other! :)

cookieintern said...

Can I afford to order a wedding cake just for me to eat? That is beeyouteeful and I know it's delicious!!