Thursday, May 3, 2007

Update On My Crazy Week

Okay, so the final 2 layers of the wedding cake have been baked. ALL THE COOKIES ARE FINISHED!!! The two cakes for the local high-school softball teams are finished, and I am ready to head out the door to make deliveries! (I am also going to the Wal-Marts to pick up a couple of things I ran out of and will need to finish out this cake-crazy week! AND I am going straight to the Outlet Mall to pick up the "Pour-and-Shield" for my recently acquired Professional 600 Kitchen Aid because they were out of the shield's when I purchased the mixer, and today I had massive amounts of powdered sugar flying around my kitchen!)

BUT before I go, here are the pictures I KNOW you are dying to see!

These are for my forever friend C. Her hubby has started a new business selling electricity, so she thought light bulb cookies would be fun for an event he has coming up!

These are for an 8 year old baseball team. They have a tournament or something this weekend, and one of the mom's wanted to do something special for the players and coaches. The baseballs have the players names and numbers and the coaches' names. The extra baseballs just have the team name on them. The baseball caps are replicas of the team hats.

These two cakes are for the local high school's softball team banquet. They are pretty plain, with edible images of both the varsity and the junior varsity team.

And FINALLY, these cookies are for a little boy's 3rd birthday party tomorrow. I'll be making his cake as well.

As soon as I return from making all the deliveries, and running my errands, I'll bake the groom's cake for the wedding, and the cake to go with the above sports balls cookies. I'll also be making the fondant/gumpaste bows that will top the wedding cake and putting the filling between the wedding cake layers. Tomorrow I'll bake the final cake for the weekend, decorate and deliver the sports ball cake, decorate the groom's cake, and ice and begin the decorating of the wedding cake. The final decorating and stacking of the wedding cake will be done on site an hour or so before the reception. Don't worry, I'll take my camera and get a picture of it all finished to post for you all to see!

So, now it's off to the races again! Oh yeah, and I'll feed the kids, load the dishwasher, and throw in some laundry somewhere in all of that mess! School is finished for the day, so at least THAT is done!


Kelli said...

Can I just say....


Robin Green said...

I'm not sure if one person should really be allowed to have that much talent. To say I am impressed is an understatement. Wish you could give me lessons!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I am going to have to have a nap after reading all that!

YOu are simply amazing...the lightbulbs??? TDF!!

And I am SO glad the 'fiasco' turned out okay....isn't God good!