Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today is the Day to Pray for Heather and Her Family


Today is Heather's surgery for a brain tumor. Kelli has set up a continuous prayer chain for Heather. I, myself, did not sign up for a specific time because with my crazy schedule, I was afraid I'd miss it and then feel bad. However, I have committed to pray for Heather whenever I'm sitting down painting cookies or decorating a cake. I started yesterday, and will continue throughout the weekend. If anyone would like to join in and pray, PLEASE do. And if you want to add the button to your blog you can go here to get the code. I believe Heather's husband will be posting updates on Heather's blog throughout this process until Heather can start posting herself again. Also, Kelli and Boomama have been keeping us updated on their sites as well.

And because Heather is big into music, and has been posting different songs throughout this ordeal, and Kelli has posted a song as well for this prayer chain, I'm posting one as well. This one was written for little Ethan, but I believe it is appropriate for Heather as well.

***Also, I will be keeping this as a sticky post so it will be the first thing everyone sees when they visit me until Heather is better. For new posts you will need to scroll down.***


Kelli said...

Melody- thank you! We are truly storming the gates today. Can't wait to see what God has planned.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your cakes! My mom made cakes like this while we were growing up. I became quite the cake snob, LOL! I think yours are lovely!