Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Totally Random Bloggy Thoughts


Okay, first things first. I! WANT! TO! WIN! SOMETHING! at the 5 Minutes for Mom Mother's Day Give Away, so I'm adding the button and posting this post to fulfill my linky requirement to receive said prizes. Just click on the button above if you want to win too! (But that IPod Nano is MINE!!! Just so you know...)

And I MUST tell you, just in case you haven't heard...Heather got a rather sobering report from her neuro-surgeon regarding the tumor they removed from her brain (man is that a freaky sentence to type!), BUT her neuro-oncologist gave her a MUCH BETTER REPORT that you can read here and HEATHER! IS! GOING! HOME! Did you get that? Five days after BRAIN SURGERY she is going home! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!

****WARNING!!! This is an extremely L-O-N-G post full of mostly nothing. If you choose to continue, you may want to pace yourself and read just a little at a time. Otherwise, your brain may just explode from all the random nothingness entering it! Also, I have proofread this thing over and over, but I am not operating at full brain power, so please ignore typos and grammatical errors...I know they are there, but I just can't bring myself to see them!

And now, for the completely random thoughts...

I am sick. Really, and truly sick. Not just "sick-and-tired" as usual. I have a cold. And it is beating up on me pretty badly. Yesterday, I thought I was feeling much better, but then I took a shower, and the effort to hold my arms up while washing my hair was so great, that I got out of my shower and was sweating from the exertion. I rested a bit and then attempted to put on my face and dry my hair because I was going to take the girl to ballet, and I'm too vain to go with no face and no hair. I went with a face, and wet hair...the face did me in. Today, the coughing started...sigh. I had to take M and J to the dentist for their cleanings, then I HAD to go pick up "Marley and Me" from the library because the hold I had on it was set to expire tomorrow, and I have been waiting over a month for that book to come in! Then I HAD to go to Sam's because I was all out of water, juice, milk, etc. and people with bad kidneys MUST HAVE THEIR WATER! I know, I know, it runs out of the tap...but here in lovely Williamson County, Texas, the water that runs out of my tap contains enough calcium to destroy what is left of my sad little kidneys...so it's the bottle for me!

And now, I can barely move and all I want to do is sit and stare. However, I can not, for some reason, sit and do nothing. I never could. Even watching tv I have to be doing something. So, I decided to enter the blogosphere for awhile which has the added benefit of placing my face in front of the computer screen so that I can't see the mess that has accumulated in my house since I got sick! It makes me feel worse to look at it, but just the thought of cleaning it up would put me in a coma for sure!

So, while I've been sick and unable to be even remotely productive with my life, all these strange and random thoughts have been going through my head...I thought I'd share them with you because seriously, they must be removed from my head or it might just explode.

1. I noticed while at Sam's that I prefer to get my cart in the parking lot rather than in the store. Usually, this is because I like to put the giant boy, that I call a baby, in it so I can wheel him rather than lug him through the parking lot and into the store. I also realized today, however, that I also prefer the parking lot carts because somewhere in my subconscious mind I think that the hot Texas sun beating down on the cart will kill any and all germs left on the cart by the previous user. And if you are thinking that I have some serious psychotic issues, then you haven't read this, because if you had, you would already know how demented I really am!

2. I REALLY need a haircut and highlight. And after last week's cake extravaganza, I can actually spare the money to get it done. However, as is usually the case, there are problems: a)My dear friend Candy, who usually does my hair at a price I can afford, (and does it beautifully I might add) has developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and can no longer cut hair. b)The new place I have found and can afford is only open until 7:30pm, and since the earliest I can get there without 4 kids in tow is 6:00, and I have A! LOT! OF! HAIR! they can't get it done...they need more time. c)All of the other places I called that were open late enough to be able to finish the job before closing, charge so much I'd have to take out a second mortgage on the house to pay for it!

I am working on a new plan, because seriously, I haven't had my hair cut or highlighted since the baby was 4 months old...he'll be 2 next week. (I have so many grays at this point, I am almost achieving the "frosted look" that I like...but I like my frosting to be champagne colored, not white! I am fully prepared for the tongue-lashing I will receive for the hacking job I've been doing on my own bangs for the past 20 months. But honestly, the prices they charge would use almost my entire grocery budget for the week! (My man gets after me about not charging enough for my cakes and cookies, but honestly, I try to charge what I could afford for a cake, because I don't want people to not be able to afford my cakes, the way I can't afford a haircut!) So, once I figure it all out, and get it done, I'll have to update my profile picture because, who knows how long it will be before I save up enough to get it done again!

3. Red Vines beat Twizzlers...hands down.

4. Caramel Cream Diet Pepsi runs a very close second to Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke (aka-Heaven in a Can)

5. I still have my "To Do List" from last week's cake and cookie marathon up on the wall, because I like seeing all those pretty green highlighter lines where I have marked out EVERY SINGLE THING ON THAT LIST. If I were to put this week's list up, I would be looking at a white piece of paper with lots and lots of black typing on it and NOT ONE SINGLE GREEN LINE...sigh.

6. Bloglines totally ROCKS! I just got all signed up and got all my blogs loaded and I just LOVE it! I can see as soon as I get online who has a new post for me to read. And I also found out that something like 485 other people subscribe to "Rocks in My Dryer", 259 some odd people subscribe to "Boomama" (seriously, I thought there would be more, didn't you?) and exactly 1 person subscribes here!

7. I kept seeing "Blog Top Sites" buttons on other blogs I read with a little number beside it, so I clicked the button to register my blog, to see what number it would give me. ("Rocks in My Dryer" was #4..."Boomama" was #3 but they update that every hour or so, so it changes from time to time.) It turns out that Blog Top Sites is merging into Blog Flux, so all my registering had to be done there...sigh. Blog Top Sites sounds much more impressive, yes? Anyway, they say they have 34,365 approved blogs registered, so I was thinking I'd get a whopping #34,366 on my button. What I didn't know was that they take 7 days to review your blog to make sure they really want to include it in their directory. So, I got a nice round "0" on my button. I like to tell myself that 0 comes before 1, so I am up there baby! Anyway, that's what that new little button is on my sidebar...just in case you were wondering.

I also added a little thing on the sidebar that is supposed to let me know who is reading right! this! minute! I thought it would be fun to see who is here and when...so far it has told me that "No one is reading this thing at this time" Not as much fun as I thought it would be...sigh.

8. My buddy Lisa, aka The Preacher's Wife, gets visitors to her site by some odd google searches like "Are Preacher's Wives Insane" and "Submissive" and other such craziness. So far, the strangest one I got was someone searching for "sons doing laundry". I'm afraid he/she didn't find what they were looking for here...my sons don't do laundry...ever. However, this past week, someone came to visit by way of a google search for "doctor gowns"...which took them to this post chronicling my latest annual exam at the, um...g.y.n.'s office... I sincerely hope he/she did not find what they were looking for in that post, 'cause if they did...there is something terribly, terribly, wrong.

If you have actually made it through this entire post...give yourself a round of applause! You deserve it! It was actually a bit longer to begin with, but #9 on my list turned into a post all of its own, so I am saving it to post later. It's not that easy to come up with posts, so I must conserve my thoughts where I can!

Now I am going to go find something to eat that doesn't take too much effort to fix, or to shovel into my mouth...the thought of eating makes me tired, but my belly is speaking rather loudly to the fact that it is 6:18pm and all I have eaten today is one cookie left over from last week's marathon...but it was a really good cookie!

I'll see you all very soon...even as I write this more random thoughts are finding their way into my brain and will need to be released!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Kelli said...

Looks like, then, I'm your NUMBER 1 FAN!!!


Sorry to hear you're not feeling good. I am glad it's a cold, though and not something worse. Just take it easy, rest and drink.

Water, ya know.