Sunday, April 29, 2007

In Which I Completely PANIC!

Oh, my friends, I am literally sick to my stomach. I can hardly breathe. My worst cake related fear has happened, well--my second worst fear. I got a call today that sent me into a complete panic attack. I was hired to do a wedding cake for someone this coming June, and back in March, she sent me an email asking if I could do her wedding shower cakes as well. I agreed without knowing dates. It turned out that when she sent me the confirmation of what she wanted, she only included one shower date, and let me know that her sister would contact me with the details. The date she gave me was May 5th.

I had already agreed to do another wedding on that day, but figured that as long as I could deliver the cake for the shower the day before, all would be well...

So, last week I was emailing back and forth with the sister finalizing details and she happened to mention that she could either get the cake early on Saturday before my other wedding delivery, or on Sunday after church. WHAT??? The shower is on Sunday? Well, there's no problem then. There is no conflict with the wedding! I mentioned that I had originally been told the shower was on a Saturday, and she confirmed that it was, in fact, on Sunday. What we never talked about was WHICH SUNDAY!

Guess what phone call I got today? "WHERE IS OUR CAKE???" It was one hour before the shower, and there was no way for me to even bake the cake, much less decorate it! Now, I know it wasn't my fault. I know there was no way for me to know. I even went back and looked at every email we had sent back and forth and the only date ever mentioned was May 5th, (thank goodness I still have all those emails!) but I am still sick over the whole thing. It turns out she does have a shower next Saturday, but that isn't the one they wanted the cake for.

I immediately sent an email to both the bride and her sister with a copy of the original email with the date of May 5th on it, and let them know how sick I was over the whole thing and offered to make the cake for next Saturday's shower if they wanted me to. I am now anxiously awaiting a response. HOPING and PRAYING that it will consist of "No, we aren't mad at you. It was my mistake. And we'd love for you to do the cake next weekend." But I am completely nervous and literally sick to my stomach over the whole thing. The only thing I can imagine that would be worse would be to have messed up the actual wedding rather than just the shower.

Ya'll please pray that they won't hold this against me. Pray that they will realize there was no way for me to know the date was this weekend. Pray that they aren't angry with me. (I really don't like people to be angry with me.) And please pray that I can sleep tonight. I'm afraid that I'm going to dream of messing up next week's orders all week long and I'll be a total basket case...or more of one than I already am! I just wish one of them would call or email and let me know what they are thinking. I had a mentor tell me once that 94% of all fears never come to pass. I'm holding on to that, but I'm still really nervous about the whole thing.



Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh Melody, bless your heart!! This kind of thing just stinks!! All you can go is the info you were given so your girls have to accept the responsibility, especially since you have it in writing! Sometimes, mess ups just happen. I know you'd like to hear from them to make you feel better, but if you don't, chalk it up to a learning experience. YOu are gifted girl and there will be plenty more cakes for you!

Praying away your anxiety!


Barb said...

I hope by now you've heard from them and feel better, Melody, but they must know this wasn't your mistake. This is precisely why the bride and her friends must keep detailed lists going. I've pounded the importance of this into Mandy as we plan her wedding. It's so easy, in the chaos of it all, to overlook something as simple as telling you the date they needed that cake.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

okay..we haven't heard from you..what happened???


cookieintern said...

uhhhhh.... maybe lots of light bulbs will make you feel better? (ching ching?) i am sorry... duct tape is only good for most things, not all things... hugs, me

Robin Green said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that happened--but it couldn't be helped. I pray they will be understanding--how terrible.

Kelli said...

Oh sweetie ---- I'm so osrry to hear about this. I would be so upset as well. At least you know your not at fault, but I'll be praying for a great outcome all the way 'round.

I got your email, also, and have just been swamped. I haven't forgotten you though :)