Tuesday, May 8, 2007

American Idol -- May 8, 2007

First off, how different does Barry Gibb look? I am getting old…really, really old.

Secondly, I know I haven’t done an AI post in awhile. There has been too much going on, and I have been recording it and watching it a day or two later…however, being on my sick-bed and all, I’m writing tonight! And besides, that last rambling post just wasn’t long enough…you really wanted to read more, right?

Melinda: “Inside and Out” I’m sorry, guys…critique this performance all you want, Melinda Doolittle Rocks!

Blake: “We Should Be Dancing” (should be, or could be?) Is this the week everyone does two songs? For Blake’s sake, I hope so…this one wasn’t very good. Last week was amazingly good – amazingly, because I can’t stand beat boxing and yet I enjoyed it. This week, not so much.

LaKisha: “Staying Alive” In some spots this actually sounded like Barry Gibb singing…freaky. But I agree with the judges, no kissing on Kiki tonight.

Jordin: Best of the night, so far! Even better than Melinda…WOW!! And have you noticed how much weight Jordin and Melinda have lost since this competition began? They are both looking really good!

Melinda: “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” Her voice is just so good! Even though she doesn’t really do the whole “Disco Thang” that well, her voice is phenomenal. This one was definitely better than the last one. It ended really strong and showed off her voice well. Yea!

Blake: “This is Where I Came In” The vocal on this one was MUCH better than the last one, but still…he’s not really winning my vote tonight. If LaKisha does well on her next one, I’m afraid Blake might be going home…sorry Barb, I know you are a Blake fan.

LaKisha: “Run to Me” Sorry Blake. I think she got you on this one. It started a little boring for me, and it ended a little shaky with her losing her voice and all, but the middle was really good!

Jordin: “A Woman in Love” Beautiful, Simply, Beautiful. I just know however, that Simon will call it “Old Fashioned”….wait…for…it….and there it is! Simon never disappoints me, I’m telling you.

Okay, my votes tonight are going to have to go to Jordin and Melinda. Who do I think will go home? I think it should be Blake just judging on tonight’s performances, but I think Blake may have more fans that vote than LaKisha does, so she may go instead of him. If either Melinda or Jordin goes, it will be a HUGE mistake!

Again, just my humble opinion…

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