Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I THOUGHT this was going to be a cake-free week. I THOUGHT I was going to catch up on the kids' school projects, the laundry, the spring cleaning, etc., etc., etc. Well, that's what I was thinking right up until yesterday afternoon when I got a call from a girl that I'm doing a wedding cake for in June. She needed a birthday cake for her sister...today. Forgetting that I had Bible Study last night, I said, "Sure, we don't have any games or practices tonight, so it shouldn't be a problem!" Now, on the one hand I DO need the money, and on the other, she has been waiting for me to have time to make some samples of different flavors that she wanted to try before deciding what flavor she wants for her wedding cake...and I haven't gotten it done. So, this was a good opportunity for her to taste ONE of the flavors at least. So, I spent yesterday afternoon making pink daisies and baking the cake. I spent the early part of this morning (before my dentist appointment) icing the cake and covering it with fondant. And I spent the afternoon (after the dentist and before soccer practice) putting the flowers, leaves, pearls, and lettering on the cake, and then delivering it on the way to soccer practice. And, here you go....Ta-Da!

Oh, and in case you were concerned, the dentist appointment was just a routine cleaning and x-rays, and I got a good report with no cavities! :)

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The Preacher's Wife said...

Your Cakes ROCK! :)) Do you mail order??