Thursday, March 22, 2007

Conversations with Jonathan...

Many, Many, MANY, times over the past two years...

Mom: Jon, we REALLY need to cut your hair.

Jon: No.

Mom: But it's so BIG.

Jon: I like it.

Mom: But you look like no one takes care of you!

Jon: Don't care.

Two days ago...

Mom: Baby David, you need a haircut.

Jon: NO!!!

Mom: But it's all uneven and it's getting into his ears.

Jon: Can I sacrifice David?

Mom: WHAT??? NO you CAN'T sacrifice David!!!

Jon: I mean, I'll let you cut MY hair in HIS place...

Mom: Oh, you mean can you sacrifice yourself FOR David?

Jon: Yeah.

Mom: (heart melted on the spot...)

Last Week while I was singing along with David's "Signing Time" video...

Jon: Mom, why do you say you could never do American Idol when you really could?

Mom: Jon, Simon would say, "Why are you wasting my time???" (in my best british accent)

Jon: (giggling) But what would PAULA say, she's the nice one?

Mom: Paula would say, "But you look so pretty!"

Jon: (explodes into a belly laughing fit and can't speak any more!)

After church a few weeks ago...

Benji: In Sunday School, they asked us what we were most looking forward to in heaven, and I was the only one who thought of this...I will be able to FLY!!!

Mom: Yes, that will be fun. Jon, what did you answer?

Jon: I didn't, I was too shy.

Mom: Well, what WOULD you have answered if you weren't so shy?

Jon: I can't wait to see our babies that went to heaven.

Mom: (no words...just a VERY full heart...)

Last Saturday after I returned from a day long trip with my mom and sisters...

Jon: Daddy got mad at his cell phone.

Mom: He did?

Jon: Yeah, it kept shutting off on him, so he threw it on the couch, and he said if it did it again, he was going to throw it in the trash!

Mom: Oh...

...then after church the next day...

Jon: Do you know what I prayed for in church today?

Mom: No, what?

Jon: Your kidneys, our babies, and Daddy's phone!

Mom: (laughing hysterically that Jonathan ranks my kidney disease, and losing our babies right up there with Dad's cell phone issues!)


The Preacher's Wife said...

My youngest boy just got his mop chopped...He said to me.."Mom, I'm gonna miss my 'fro." :))

Krista said...

Children can make our lives worth living!! that is so sweet! Have you read Ethan's dad's blog today? PRetty inspiring story! Wanted to stop by and say hello-hope you are having a wonderful day

RealEstateGirl said...

Awww, Mel, how sweet! And I love that you're "documenting" these things for them to read when they are older! I wish I would have written down every sweet and silly thing Zack ever said.

By the way, your kids are beautiful!

Deena said...

That one is a keeper!! Sounds like some good conversation...and a good heart...

luvmy4sons said...

Gee. That is too precious. Love it! What a ctuie you go there!