Saturday, March 10, 2007

Half-Begun or Half-Done???

Before I forget...I had a last minute order for baseball cupcakes on Thursday. It was for a friend, so I went ahead and did it for her. The team was the Cubs, and since she was a friend, I went a little further than plain baseball cupcakes and I made "Cubs" cupcakes. Here's a little picture for you...

Now, back to yesterday... so I got the 3 dozen softball cookies all made (about 4-5 hours later), dried, and delivered on time...but forgot to take pictures for you all. I'm so very sorry, but when I delivered them, she liked them so much she ordered 3 dozen more for next week, so I'll post pictures for you all then.

Then, I took the kids and ran some errands that were necessary before beginning the 6 dozen cookies for the baby shower.

And then we came home and I started on the Baby Shower cookies...8+ hours later...Voila!

(The theme was Dragonflies and Ladybugs, and the colors were red, sage green, and black.)

So, it only took about 13 hours to get all the cookie orders finished...which comes out to less than $3/hour...SO not worth it, unless you see the look on the face of the person who gets the cookies...THAT is TOTALLY worth it! Needless to say, with 13 hours of cookie craziness, and 3 hours worth of errand running...we did NOT get caught up with our schoolwork, and I did NOT finish my book club reading! I guess we'll just have to tackle those today!

In the meantime, my Prince Charming has invited his mother over today, and I am going to put on a pot of coffee, bake some cookies really quick and get ready for a nice, pleasant conversation with my mother-in-law run around like a crazy woman trying to clean up the HUMONGOUS mess from all the cookie-making that I was too tired at 2:00am to clean up. And then I'll sit down and relax for a bit before she arrives run around the rest of the house picking up after the 4 kids who were allowed to run wild during yesterday's cookie extravaganza, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping every thing I possibly can up to the very last minute before she arrives!

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C said...

okay, those are FAB. you win.