Thursday, March 29, 2007

You've just GOT to read this!

Okay, I'm in a HUGE usual, because it's time to start school, the laundry needs to be switched over, the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, and I need to finish my cookies for the Bloggy Cookie Exchange, however...I decided to catch up on some of my blog-reading while I was waiting for the boy to finish his breakfast, and I came upon this post by Tracey, aka Real Estate Girl, over at "Show-Me-State-of-Mind", and I just HAD to take a minute to share it with you all. PLEASE, head over there and read this won't be sorry!

Also, DeeDee, over at "It Could've Been Worse" has written a couple of knee slappers over the past couple of days as well. You can click her link on my side-bar to check her out.'re welcome!

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Krista said...

Thanks for giving us the link--that was a great story!