Thursday, March 8, 2007

In My Humble Opinion...

So, in case you didn't hear, my DVR spazzed again and dropped my Tuesday night recording of AI, so I didn't get to hear the guys...again! That Tivo is looking better and better every day! But, I was able to get the girls to record, so here is my opinion, be it ever so humble 'cause every one of these girls would blow me right out of the water!

Okay, I am by no means a music expert, and I don't know most of the pop songs from the past 2 or 10 years, 'cause I'm just a little bit country, ya'll...HOWEVER...

Jordin Sparks: Hard to hear over the band sometimes, but I just REALLY like her, and I want her to stick around!

Sabrina Sloan: I can't really remember much about the performance itself, and I've NEVER heard the song before, so I can't compare to the original, but again, I just REALLY like her and I want her to stay.

Antonella Barba: She can sing, better than I can--for sure, but I just wouldn't pay money to hear it, ya' know? I wouldn't turn the station, but I wouldn't buy the record either. But she's young, if she keeps working and gets some training, she could be really good one day.

Haley Scarnata: Again, I had trouble hearing her low notes over the band. I feel like she just isn't taking a full breath and isn't getting the power out that I KNOW she has. But my goodness, she is gorgeous! I think she would probably record really well, but I don't know if she can compete with the likes of LaKisha and Melinda in live competition. I WOULD buy her record however, 'cause I love the smooth quality of her voice.

Stephanie Edwards: I know this girl is good, but she just isn't one of my favorites. Perhaps it is the style of music she sings...I'm not a big R&B fan. There just doesn't seem to be too much that stands out about her. I can't even remember what she sang to be honest.

LaKisha Jones: What else is there to say about "the Mom". She is SOOOO good! And may I say, her dress was MUCH BETTER this week. She's had a few "What Not to Wear" moments on the show, but last night she looked GOOD! And yes, I will definitely purchase her record WHEN it comes out, 'cause it IS coming ya'll!

Gina Glocksen: I really liked Gina when she took the tongue ring out for the show, and when she dressed like a girl. I wanted to punch Simon last week when he said that he missed "her edginess" cause I knew that tongue ring would come back this week! But girlfriend CAN sing, so I think she'll stick around another week.

Melinda Doolittle: I like her better EVERY TIME SHE OPENS HER MOUTH!!! Even if it's to talk about "equality" vs. "OCD". She is just wonderful, and I will buy any record she puts out, but I'd rather have the DVD so I can hear what she says between songs, cause she is hysterical!

So, who do I think SHOULD go home? Antonella. Who do I think WILL go home even though I still like her? Haley. But hey, don't listen to me, I was SURE Sanjaya was gone last week...

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Barb said...

I'm thinking Antonella will definitely go home. She really isn't going to be able to keep up as it gets tougher. And possibly Haley. But I'll tell you, I wouldn't want to be any of the girls competing against Melinda. There's seriously no comparison in the level of talent. I expect (and hope) to see her and Chris Bligh in the final two.