Friday, March 9, 2007

Oh My, Oh My, Oh My!!!

My friends, I am NOT looking forward to this day. I kept waking up during the night, worried about this day. I have to make 3 dozen cookies and have the icing dried before noon. (These cookies take about an hour/dozen and the icing really should dry for 8-12 hours!!!) Then, I have 6 dozen more to do for delivery tomorrow morning. In the meantime, we are about a day and a half behind on schoolwork, and I just checked in on BooMama to discover that the Bloggity Book Club is TODAY!!! I still have a few more chapters to read people!!! Why did I think the club was on the 17th??? And the icing on the cookie??? (I know, it's supposed to be "cake", but I'm doing cookies today...roll with it!) Sabrina, Sundance, and Jared all left American Idol last night while Sanjaya is still there!!! My husband, on the otherhand, is mourning the loss of Antonella...he didn't care if she could sing...he just wanted to see her every Prince Charming, I'm telling ya'!

I did make some cupcakes yesterday, and my boy played some baseball this week (although quite badly as it turned out), and I have some pictures for you all to enjoy, but right now I must lay on the couch watching tv, eating homemade bread, and drinking Diet Coke make cookies, teach school, and read how to "Get Out of That Pit!"

I'll be back later with the pictures, and my Bloggity Book Club post!

Thanks for stopping by, I wish I could offer you some cookies...but they are all for the clients!

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The Preacher's Wife said...

please don't tell my kids that moms are supposed to be able to bake homemade cookies and cakes...:)) good luck girl!