Tuesday, March 27, 2007

American Idol -- March 27

Again…just my humble opinion…

LaKisha: Not enough to the dress. (Kinda makes BooMama’s term “muffin top effect” come to mind…but for a little different reason!) LOVE the boots. The song was good. I don’t think it showed off her voice as much as some of her previous songs, but it was still VERY good. It’s really hard for LaKisha to mess up I think. She’s just SOOO talented.

Chris Sligh: Not the best song choice for Chris I’m afraid. He has such an amazing voice, but it didn’t shine with that song at all. I will STILL buy his album, however, WHEN it comes out, I’d LOVE to go to his church to hear him lead worship, and I CAN’T WAIT for his blog to be back up and running ‘cause he is hilarious! Can’t you just see him knitting and crocheting in front of the tv?!?

Gina: Having a REALLY hard time getting past the outfit to listen to the song!!! It’s not enough to be wearing a negligee that is WAY TOO TIGHT?? She had to have those bra straps showing as well??? I don’t know about you, but I take great pains to make sure I keep my bra straps hidden!! I guess she sang well because the judges seemed to like it, but honestly, I didn’t hear it. I was too distracted by the lack of a dress.

Sanjaya: Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to even type that name this week? And….the HAIR???? Forgot the words…so far, that has been the thing that has killed many an idol contestant…can we dare HOPE it will do so this week? I completely agreed with Simon’s assessment. It doesn’t matter what we say, or think, the tween-agers with their unlimited text-messaging are going to win.

Haley: A little better on the wardrobe this week. It could have used several more inches of fabric…especially while she was sitting down on those steps! But the song? I think she did well. I could finally hear her voice over the music. I think the judges were a little too harsh. They always tell them to “make the song their own”, and then trash them for changing the song. I also hope she doesn’t take their criticism and decide to go back to last week’s fashion statement to get votes.

Phil: One of my favorite Police Songs. I think he sang it really well. I don’t know if he “made it his own” ‘cause it sounded like the same arrangement as the original to me, but I thought it was good. Not a big fan of the hat…but liked this performance the best of the night so far.

Melinda: Can’t type…too busy listening!!! Loving the leggings, Loving the voice, Loving the performance…LOVING MELINDA!!!

Blake: I really like his voice this week! Very smooth! And it was a nice break from the beat-boxing trend. I was afraid that he was going to put the beat-boxing into every song. I’m not sure that I agree with Simon about him being the best male vocal. I liked Phil a little better tonight.

Jordin: I just love Jordin. I think she did a great job with it, and it really fit with her age bracket. Not a big fan of the outfit, but it fit with the song.

Chris Richardson: Poor Chris, he sounds like he is trying too hard tonight. I think last week’s vote messed with his head. The judges told him it was his best performance ever, and then he was in the bottom 2 in the votes. He just seems so nervous. I really hope he gets a chance to come back next week and I hope he gets his confidence back. He has a very nice voice and he deserves to stick around another week.

May I just make one side note here. Not being a big follower of Gwen Stefani, I had only ever seen her in a video where she was all punked out. I was so surprised to see her on idol looking so gorgeous! She is really a beautiful girl with the soft make-up and the conservative hair!!

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The Preacher's Wife said...

okay, what is it going to take to get that sanjaya out of there? i too am beyond words...this just can not be allowed to go on!