Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol Tonight!

Once again, I offer my ever so humble opinions regarding the American Idol Top 12...(and if you notice, we're on a first name basis now ya'll--except for the Chrises 'cause, well, there's two of 'em.)

Brandon: I was SO disappointed. I really, really, really, like Brandon, but there was nothing spectacular about his performance tonight. I really hope he gets a chance to stick around for another week. I KNOW he can do better!

Melinda: I don't know WHO said it wasn't their favorite performance of hers, but I think it was FAB! When she got to the POWER portion, I had goosebumps!!! And then when she started crying...oh my word, I just LOVE her! And I REALLY liked her dress...I'm so into 1940's style, it's not even funny.

Chris Sligh: I don't know what the judges were smoking, 'cause I LIKED that version of the song. Although I must say that I was picturing Happy Gilmore on an ice skating date...I thought it was a great twist on the song.

Gina: I was thinking the whole time, "I'm going to forget this song before I get a chance to post about it." It just did nothing for me...and that tongue ring just completely distracts me! I keep wondering stuff like; does food get stuck in it when she eats? Does she take it out to eat? And if she does, how does she manage to do it politely when she's on a date??? I'm seriously concerned here!

Sanjaya: He is such a sweet boy, but pu-leeze, did he EVER find the right note? Really, it's not personal, it's just time to go home.

Haley: Okay...let me first refer you to this quote from last week...

"Haley Scarnata: Again, I had trouble hearing her low notes over the band. I feel like she just isn't taking a full breath and isn't getting the power out that I KNOW she has. But my goodness, she is gorgeous! I think she would probably record really well, but I don't know if she can compete with the likes of LaKisha and Melinda in live competition. I WOULD buy her record however, 'cause I love the smooth quality of her voice."

Yes, my friends, I said LAST WEEK that Haley would be a great recording artist and her voice wasn't as good live...that was BEFORE Diana Ross said THE EXACT SAME THING!!! I'm just saying...

I didn't think she did well enough tonight to move on, but we haven't heard everyone yet, so who knows. I was VERY glad to hear Simon give her some encouragement, though. See, I just LIKE Simon...we agree MOST of the time.

Phil: I think he definitely had the best male vocal of the night, but the song didn't really do much for me. I can't even remember what it was, and it's only been like 5 minutes since he sang! But I DO remember that his voice sounded good, so...way to go Phil!

LaKisha: Enough said...everyone else may go home now...except Melinda and Sligh of course...I think these three are going to be around for the long haul!

Blake: Okay, the outfit??? Eewww! The song??? Eh- The vocal??? A little strained in my opinion. Parts were good, other parts seemed like he was forcing them. I do think his personality and his past performances will keep him here another week.

Stephanie: The girl CAN sing, but one of those l-o-n-g notes seemed to drift off pitch. Not my favorite song, but she sang well with the exception of that one note. I didn't even notice that she forgot the words...that's how familiar I am with the song!

Chris Richardson: Poor Chris...he seems so nervous! I thought the clip of him rehearsing was better than his actual performance. All those runs are making his voice sound really shaky and nervous...It wasn't that good to me. Definitely better than some others, but good enough to be the next American Idol? I don't think so, but again, I hope he gets another chance next week...'cause he really does have a nice voice.

Jordin: Oh my, I get so nervous when they sit on the steps in those dresses!!! Plus, it's hard to sing sitting down! I thought she did well though. She started out well but started to get a little off in the middle it seemed. Although I don't know the song, so maybe that is the way it is supposed to go... But STILL she is good, and she is fun to watch! 17 years old??? WOW! AND, it cracks me up how she towers over Ryan!!!

So, out of the 12, I think Sanjaya SHOULD go home...but I've said that for 3 weeks now, so we'll just have to see.


Merci said...

Way to go on the "recording artist" comment on Haley! You nailed it before Diana did! I'm so with you about the tongue piercing. It just HAS to go - it grosses me out in oh so many ways. I'm so ready for Sanjaya to go - he's wearing me slick. We shall see who goes tonight!

dcrmom said...

Hi there! Great recap.

jdoriot said...

I missed AI this week so thanks for the recap...I agree about Sanjaya!