Thursday, February 15, 2007

Things I've Learned About God From My Kids

Okay, have any of you ever heard any of Michael Card's Lullaby CD's? They are my favorites! And I can't recall the song at this juncture, but there is a line in one of his songs that he sings to his baby boy that says, "'ll show more of God than I'll ever teach you..." That line touched the deepest part of my heart the first time I heard it. And the longer I have kids, the more I realize that it is so very true. Case in point...

Today stunk! I have not felt well for days...and I'm not still talking about the CRUD. I am afraid I am having kidney trouble again. I've had headaches, trouble with my eyes, pain, and I hate the nausea! Anyway, each day that has passed in which I have not gotten anything remotely productive accomplished, I have told myself "That's okay, SURELY I'll feel better tomorrow, and I'll catch up then." The problem is, I haven't felt better, and now I'm so far behind that the idea of catching up seems like quite a lofty goal. I mean, I know I'll eventually have a clean house again...I always do...eventually...and I will cook a full meal (with all four food groups) for my of these just seems to be getting farther and farther into the future! But I digress...the point of mentioning the whole "today stunk" business was to make it clear that I am not feeling too good about myself these days. I've kind of fallen behind on the whole mom thing and especially the whole wife thing. Which is pretty much what I'm supposed to take care of first, so I've been feeling pretty much like a failure at life.

Now, to the good part. Yes, there is a good part to this post! (I know you were fixin' to switch over to BooMama, or Big Mama, 'cause right about now you could really use a good laugh!) When I'm feeling like God must be completely disappointed in me, and sorry that He ever entrusted these beautiful children to me, He recalls to my memory some of the lessons that my children have taught me about Himself and His very nature...

#1) There are times (rare though they may be) that my kids drive me completely bananas. They fuss and bicker with each other, they question every! single! thing! I! say!, and they have to be threatened to extremes before they accomplish a single task I put before them.

#2) My kids can be selfish, self-centered, and completely unappreciative of all that has been given to them. (Again, on rare occasions only!)

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Now, keeping in mind the above noted behavior...I find myself every now and then (although it also is a very rare occurance) able to go out and do the grocery shopping, or everyday errand running without the kids. This is usually after they have been trying my patience all day, and I don't want to take them with me. Inevitably, however, I will find myself looking at things in the store that I know one of them would really like, and it doesn't matter how mad I was at them earlier in the day, or how disappointed I was in them, or how irritated they made me. I still want to buy it for them just because I know how much they will like it. I still want to give them good gifts whether I feel they deserve them or not just because they are my kids, and I love them, and enjoy bringing them joy. And it occurs to me at times like this that God feels the same way about me! It is so hard to accept, but I know it's true because I know that if I can feel that way about my kids, being the sinful mother that I am, how much more can my Heavenly Father love me, being the Perfect, and Holy Father that He is?

So, I said all that to say this...If you are feeling unloved, and unworthy today, you need to know that no matter how unworthy we may be, we are NEVER, EVER, EVER, unloved. And our Heavenly Father still desires to bless us with His good gifts.

So now I want to ask all of you, if you have any lessons that God has taught you through your children, would you share them? I'd love to know other ways that God has used our children to reveal Himself to us! Let's see if I can make this Mr. Linky thing work, and you can link back to this post with your lessons learned.

Thanks for stopping by!

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