Saturday, February 17, 2007

I got a dishwasher for Valentine's...what did YOU get?

Okay, I really have nothing new to say, but feel that I must. post. something. So, I thought I'd tell you all about my Valentine's Day. Now, may I preface this by saying that I got a new stove for Christmas? Well, I did. And the funny thing is...I LOVED IT!!! You see, in order to properly appreciate life here at our house, you must know that after our second son was born, B and I decided it was time to stop paying rent and actually buy our first home. The problem...we had no money. So after a series of unfortunate events (a different post for a different time) we bought a "fixer-upper" and by that I mean...a dump. (The original intention was to fix it up, sell it at a profit within 5 years and buy a nicer home with the proceeds.) However, it was such a dump that we couldn't move in right away because it was not fit for human dwelling. In the meantime, my wonderful kidneys decided to flare up with their usual stone forming problems and since we had no medical insurance and were still paying for the birth of the second boy...I was trying to pass the stone all on my own. Big deal right? Lots of people pass stones every day. Yes they do, and I have passed my share (over 35 to date), but this one just wouldn't leave. And cleaning up that disgusting hole of a house we bought was just out of the question. (Enter many, many, many church friends and family...again, another post for another day.) So, the two kids and I moved in with my parents while B camped out in the hole and proceeded to make it less of a hole, and more of a home. Two months and a reluctant kidney surgery later, the kids and I moved in.

Two things that had to stay in the house due to a serious lack of money were the dishwasher, and the stove (yet another post for yet another day!) So, I made due and tried not to think too much about the nastiness that lived in this house and used this dishwasher and stove before me. I ran industrial cleaner through the dishwasher on the hottest possible cycle, and convinced myself it would be okay. I cleaned the oven inside and out, bought all new knobs for it, and again told myself it would be okay. Now, said oven was a gas oven that left a film all throughout the house whenever I used it, had a finicky pilot light that went out on a regular basis and had to be relit by me, on my hands and knees fearing for the explosion that would surely come at any moment, and a completely non-existent pilot light for the stove top that required each burner to be lit with a match. It also had hot spots in the oven that required that I rotate cakes, etc. every 15 minutes during cooking to avoid burned spots. Not the best set up for a homebaker with a cake/cookie side business. So, when B used quite the large chunk of his Christmas bonus to buy a new 6 burner, ceramic top, stainless steel electric stove for my Christmas gift, it was the best present he could have gotten me!

Fast forward to Valentine's Day, and above said husband brought home a stainless steel Thermadore/Bosch dishwasher that was removed from the house he is currently remodeling. He installed it on Thursday, and my goodness, I had forgotten what it was like to not have to wash the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. And I don't think I've ever known what it is like not to have to wipe white powder off of the bottoms of the glasses and cups after they have been washed. And did I mention that the previous dishwasher was So! LOUD! that you couldn't hear the tv in the next room when it was on? Now, I have to check the light display to see if the dishwasher is running or not!! Heaven, pure heaven...yes ma'am, life is good!

So, for all you ladies who got jewelry, engraved ipods, or fancy dinners out alone with your hubby for Valentine's your heart out!!

On a side note: the girl and I did get flowers from the guys, and chocolates were given to all (except me, cause I'm not allowed chocolate any more...sob, sigh, single tear falling on cheek...).

Second side note: in case you were wondering it's been almost 8 years, we have still not completed the renovation of the house, (two more kids, and various other medical bills etc...have slowed the process considerably)...but it is now less of a dump. B is an amazing carpenter/contractor, so what has been fixed up is above and beyond beautiful, but there is much, much, more yet to do. One of these days I'll post some before and after photos.


Kelli said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH- that is so awesome. I'm sure you are tickled to death, arent' you! I would be.


Girl Raised in the South said...

Sounds like your husband is a really thoughtful guy. To show love to you by making your life easier - how great is that.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

You go girl...I would have no idea if my stove worked properly or not. As long as it cooks spaghetti noodles, I'm good. :)

Isn't it amazing what at this season of our lives consitutes a great gift?