Monday, February 5, 2007

Introducing...THE girl!

Well, this weekend has been a blur. It was mostly about cakes and cookies this weekend as I had orders for 2 dozen painted cookies, 2 dozen "pool ball" cupcakes, and a "pool table" cake. I also attended the first day of the Capital Confectioners 2007 Cake Show. That was a blast as well as a nice break away from the house. And of course, I had to make a "Super Bowl" cake to take over to my brother-in-law's house to watch the big game. Way to go COLTS!!!

However, it is Monday morning and while the kids are getting ready (I hope) to take the girl to ballet, I'm stealing a few minutes to add something to this blog. Since today is ballet day, I thought I'd introduce you to my one and only girl. The "Princess of Pink" otherwise known as Madeleine is the only girl out of four beautiful children. And yes, I am perfectly content with that! I really enjoy having a girl to dress up, and do fancy hairdos on, but one is enough. We have our special "girl things" that we do together, and it's kind of fun to just share those things between the two of us.

How do I describe Maddie to you? Well of course beautiful comes to mind first! She is beautiful both inside and out. She likes ballet and dancing and frilly pink dresses, but she also likes playing baseball and wrestling with her brothers out on the trampoline. She is a cheerleader for her oldest brother's football team, but at home, she likes to play football with the boys rather than watch from the sidelines. She likes to help me bake the cakes and is always ready to offer her services as an icing and fondant taster! For her birthday we bought her an Easy Bake oven and we got matching aprons that say "cake" on mine, and "cupcake" on hers! I found them at last year's cake show and this year they even had a bib that said "petit four"! It was so cute it ALMOST made me wish I had a baby girl to buy it for...almost.

One of the ladies at my husband's office asks him each week to tell her stories of the funny things my kids have said over the weekend. One of her favorite stories was on my last birthday. Madeleine was helping me to bake my birthday cake and suddenly gasped and said, "Mom, I still need to buy you a present!" I decided to take one more opportunity to tease her about wanting her to stay 5 years old forever, and I said, "Well, you can just stay 5 years old and that will be my present." To which she quickly retorted, "Nah, I already drew you a picture!" That's my Madeleine...

Well, I guess I've rambled enough for today, and I need to go make sure the little darlings are all actually getting ready to leave rather than taking an opportunity to goof off while Mom's busy! Nobody else's children ever do that, do they??? I didn't think so...

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