Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Brighter Day

Oh my...I have been trying to get back here and write another post, but life can be so busy! I just hated to leave such a sad post up for so long. It was cathartic to write, but so depressing to read! I must say, "Thank You", to everyone who left kind comments. It's fun to make new friends, or "Sistas" as Beth Moore calls us!

Okay, so I did eventuallly stop crying, we picked up balloons at the store and each of us wrote whatever we wanted to on them before we sent them up. Maddie baked a little cake in her "Easy Bake Oven" for the baby's birthday, (isn't that sweet???) and we each ate a tiny piece. And, here's the best part...after we released our balloons and ate our cake, Maddie remembered that she wanted to send a card up to the baby, so she got some paper and made a little card. I tried to explain to her that it wouldn't go up without the balloon, but she wanted to try, so she took it outside and tried to let it catch the wind and fly up. When she came back in the house, she said to me, "You were right, it wouldn't go up, so I just left it out there and told Jesus to come and get it and take it up to the baby." She was so convinced that this was going to work! I had planned to go out there after she went to bed and pick up the note so she would think Jesus had taken it to the baby...but ya'll I totally forgot!!! I forgot until the next day when she came to me and said, "Well, my card isn't there, but Benji's flowers are." So, the card she had left out there disappeared with no help from me, and the daffodils Benji planted several years ago that we had been watching come up during this heat wave we've been having, had begun to bloom all in the same night. God is so good isn't He? I love it when He does little things like that for my kids.

Then, last night I invited some of my friends to go out to eat and see "We Are Marshall" with me 'cause I was in the mood for some F-U-N! We had a good time catching up with each other over burgers at Fuddruckers, then there was the movie...I totally LOVED it myself, but Corinne, sitting next to me bawled her eyes out and made a vow to NEVER go with me to another movie...EVER! She said, "Who'd have ever thought...a guy-movie tear jerker?" I'm not sure whether the rest of the crew liked it or not, but for me you can't go wrong with Matthew McConaughey and football both in the same movie! Although I must admit that the plaid polyester pants and the greased down hair were not very attractive, he did such a good job of playing Jack Lengyel, that I still enjoyed myself immensely. Matthew and I share a love for all things football, and it showed in his performance. If only we shared a love for Jesus as well...then his inside could be as pretty as his outside... And yes, B knows that I think Matthew is pretty, he also knows that until Jeff Gordon remarried last year, he was my choice to replace B should anything happen to him, and he's fine with it. Mostly because he KNOWS that he is and always will be my first choice, and that I seriously don't think I could EVER be married to anyone else...EVER...he's it for me for always, and he knows it.

So, chime in ya'll. Did anyone else see any good movies this weekend? I still want to see "One Night with the King", "The Nativity" and "Eragon". Feel free to weigh in if you've seen any of those as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

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RealEstateGirl said...

Mel, what a sweet, sweet story. The Lord takes care of His children, doesn't He? Especially the little ones!

I've wanted to see that movie, but haven't had a chance yet. Sounds like we have alot in common... polyester or not, Matthew is HOT! I'm also in agreement about Jeff Gordon! Although I could do without that nasaly voice!

Glad you had a good weekend!