Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cookies are Finished!

As I promised, here are some pictures of the cookies I was making last night. The Bouquet is for our church youth group to raffle off, and the bags of cookies are for my forever friend, "C" who asked so nicely! If you are wondering why I put them in individual bags if I am just giving them to a friend??? It is because if one receives cookies in individual bags, one automatically sees each bag as an individual serving and psychologically this helps one to pace one's self. Because, you see, with these cookies, one MUST pace oneself! (The bags may or may not work, but we at least have to put forth the effort!) If you want to see close-ups of the cookies in the bags, you can go to my cake and cookie website where I have added them to the slideshow on the homepage.

Okay, I'm off to deliver the cookies! And I PROMISE to introduce you to the last of the kids later today.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I would never have any left to sell! These look wonderful....You must be busy for Valentine's!

cookieintern said...

uhhhh... i was supposed to PACE myself??? the extra baggie ties were extra work, but i managed, LOL! they're as yummy as they are beautiful. i am blessed to be your forever friend (and not just because i get cookies!!) XO