Monday, February 12, 2007

15 minutes, Commercials, and Prayers

Before you read this post, there are some terms you will need to know: 1)A 15 Minute Day is a day in which I have a bazillion things to do, and a gazillion things I want to do, but I am having trouble getting started on anything, so I start with the most important task before me, and I work at it for 15 minutes, then I STOP, and move to another task for 15 minutes, then STOP, go back to the original task for 15 minutes (if it wasn't completed), and then I get a 15 minute break to rest or read, or anything else I want to do. After the break, I start the whole thing over again. The point of this system is two-fold: If I KNOW I only have to wash dishes, scrub bathrooms, wash windows, etc. for 15 minutes, I am more willing to jump in and do it. Also, knowing that if I don't finish it in 15 minutes, I will have to come back to it after 15 minutes on another task, makes me work faster to try to get it all done in the original 15 minutes if at all possible! (Did you know that you can completely unload your dishwasher and get everything put away in 5 minutes???) 2)A Commercial Day is usually a day when I am having kidney trouble or other illness and 15 minutes seems like an eternity. On these days, I find some good movie, or sporting event to watch on tv, and every time it goes to commercial, I get up and work on a task until the show comes back on. Believe it or not, I have actually accomplished quite a lot this way that wouldn't have ever gotten finished otherwise!

Now, I had expected today to be a regular Monday filled with ballet class, lunch at Fuddrucker's, grocery shopping, housecleaning, and a visit to the library for storytime. But about 10 minutes into ballet, I realized this was going to be more of a 15 minute day. I guess I'm still not fully recovered from the CRUD, because watching ballet class completely wiped me out! I managed to make it through that, take the Girl to lunch, and go to Hastings to pick up the book for our Bloggity Book Club, and let the Baby play outside for about 15 minutes or so before I fell on the couch and began to develop roots. As the roots began to grow and entwine themselves into the cushions of the couch, it became apparent that 15 minutes was just too darn long and this was going to have to be a Commercial Day after all. So, I am sitting here recovering from my commercial break, trying to do something productive while I watch the coverage of Speed Weeks on the Speed Channel. (I do love me some NASCAR, yes ma'am I do!)

Which brings me to the "Prayers" part of this post. (The "productive" part, not the "Nascar" part!) I am currently using Lisa Whelchel's "Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer" prayer journal in my quiet time. One thing I have added to this journal is a celebrity to pray for each day. Sometimes I pray for a celebrity that I would like to see get saved, sometimes I pray for a celebrity that is already a Christian -- to give them strength and influence with those around them for Christ. So at the moment, I'm praying for Wynonna, because she is a dear Christian sister and she has publicly asked for prayer for her new blended family. (By the way, I did email her and let her know that I was praying for her and I got a very nice response from either her or someone on her staff!) So anyway, I've added a new list to my blog that let's you know who I'm praying for today so that, if you choose, you can "storm the gates of heaven" with me for these people.

That said... little explanation about who is on the list this week besides Wynonna...
Our President--obviously has many important decisions to make, and is under constant attack and therefore must be continually held up in prayer.
Our Governor--is in the middle of a huge controversy regarding the new HPV vaccine and needs the wisdom of God to fall all over him.
Kelli--is one of my favorite bloggers and is in need of a kidney transplant. If you click the "For Kelli" button, you can read the details and see how you can help.
Emma--is my niece and although I am not at liberty to discuss her situation, I do know that my sister would appreciate all prayers being lifted on her behalf. Just pray that God would take over, and that should do it!

So, that's my rambling for today. If you were able to follow along all this time, I salute you! If not, please come back and try me on a more lucid day! And if you choose to pray with me for these things, please leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!


Barb said...

Goodness, Melody. I THINK I followed you but man, I'm tired! LOL

Thank you for dropping by my place. I hope my little cleaning frenzy isn't what inspired all this insanity over here!

You're too funny.

Lisa M. said...

you are totally a "fly-girl"!

Lisa M. said...

Lisa M. is the preachers wife by the way...:)

nspiredbyfaith said...

This is my first time on your blog. I totally enjoyed it! I LOVE the 15 minute/commercial day philosophy, and am definately going to give it a try!

Melody said...

Barb, Wow! I'm in awe that you were here at my little site! I LOVE yours and all your family's. Sarah's was the first blog I ever read, and I've been hooked ever since! And YES, you are to blame for the cleaning frenzy that is sweeping the nation! My mother would like to thank you!

Lisa, I do TRY to be a "flygirl", but my sink would say otherwise! I think I'd better go shine it RIGHT NOW!! LOL!!!

Nspiredbyfaith, Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back!