Friday, March 28, 2008

Time Flies....Even When You're NOT Having Fun!

Hello Everyone! I can't believe it's been more than a week since I've been able to get on this thing and write a post! Between Easter, schoolwork, baseball, and kidney stones, I've barely found the time to breathe, much less blog.....sigh. I've missed visiting all my friends too! If I haven't stopped by your place, I promise I'll be by soon. I'm just trying to keep life together around here...even if it's only by a shoelace!

Anyway, let's play a little catch-up shall we? Let's start with last weekend...

I took three of the four kids to the park for some rollerskating and playscape fun last Saturday. I put on my black, Bauer, lace-up inline skates for the first time in over 10 years, and I actually skated....and I didn't fall down or anything! We've been trying to take the kids to Christian Skate Night at our local Roller Rink once a month, and since the last time we went, we've discovered that little Dave actually does really well on a pair of skates! So, the next time we go, I'm planning to skate rather than chase entertain a two year old for two hours, but I didn't want to put my skates on for the first time in front of all those people and then fall flat on my behind! So, I decided to practice at the park with the kids....other than the fact that my feet have gotten a bit wider after having 4 kids, I think it went well. I'll just have to wear very cushiony socks or I'm going to have some monster blisters!

And speaking of blisters....while we were at the park, I was playing with the kids. You know, following them around, and doing what they were doing (except for the monkey bars....I can NOT support my body weight on my arms anymore...yikes!) and I was following Maddie up the slide when I made the mistake of setting my knee down on said slide.....YOUCH!!! I actually burned my knee on that thing! It is now 6 days later, and it is still deep red and it still has a blister on it! Can you believe that? Surely there must be some sort of material they can make those slides out of that doesn't hold heat like that! It wasn't even a metal slide for Pete's sake! Being a kid is dangerous, I tell you.

Now, on to Easter. It has been rumored that I was making an animated cake for Easter dinner. I'm still laughing at the thought. But seriously, it was just our little family and my parents, so I really didn't do anything that extravagant. In fact, I used Jon's idea for the cake and made a simple cross with vines and grapes for decorations. But just to feed the idea that I really am crazy and I do have way too much time on my hands, here is a little picture of our breakfast on Good Friday. Yes, I individually cut out crosses in their waffles, and then used the cut-out squares to make the hill. I like to do fun things on holidays, and I wanted to keep the kids focused on the real reason for Easter, rather than just the candy, colored eggs, and all that stuff that they associate with Easter. I figure, I did all these fun little things when there was just one kid, so why shouldn't I do it when there are four? They shouldn't miss out just because there are so many of them. I'm really working on that....not limiting our activities and things because it's harder with four, or because one of them happens to be a very high-maintenance two-year-old! I am hoping that if we really work on teaching them to be disciplined and well behaved, that we can do all the fun stuff and it really won't be too hard. And, the more activities we do that require disciplined behavior, the more well-behaved they should be....right? Oh, I do hope so!

Anyway, since Easter, it's been baseball, kidney-stones, dentist visits, school, and housework around here. Nothing worth blogging about, that's for sure! I'm still working on all that Spring Cleaning, but I seem to be losing ground rather than gaining on it....ugh! Yesterday, I made a general cleaning list for each room in the house in order of importance, and I've started on that list. I've decided that I'm going to do the most important thing in each room first, then move on to the second most important thing and so on....exciting stuff isn't it? Yeah, I know.

So, that's it. Nothing exciting, no animated Easter cakes, we've lost every baseball game since the season officially started, and my house is still driving me nuts. Ah, life! On the bright side, I received the first two books for the Blog Book Tour, and I'll be reviewing those and having some fun giveaways starting in April. So far, the books are fabulous and I know you're going to like them as well! I also just finished reading "Me, Myself and Bob" by Phil Vischer, and I LOVED it! To be honest, I always figured that Mike Nawrocki was the humor behind the Veggie Tales, and Phil was the "lesson guy". I guess that was because Mike plays Larry, and Phil is Bob. But I started reading Phil's blog over the past year, and discovered that he really is creative, and funny! The book chronicles the story of the rise and fall of "Big Idea", his production company, and the lessons that God taught him along the way. It is funny and brilliant all at the same time. The lessons he learned apply to our daily lives and the raising of our families as much as they apply to running a multi-million dollar company. I've already told Benji that this will be the next biography book he will be reading for school, and I highly recommend it to all of you as well! Also, Phil is planning to launch a very small TV station sometime in the future, and I'm so excited I can hardly wait! I am just hoping that it will be a station that we'll be able to watch here in Texas, because I know, after reading his book, that it will be a station that I will actually encourage my kids to watch!

Okay, the dryer is calling me, and I suppose the kids will be wanting to eat soon, so I'd better get off this thing and on with my day. I'll try to get over and visit with all of you this's supposed to be a quiet one around here....ROFLing.


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh, yeah, that was such a SIMPLE cake! :-) You crack me up. I've been checking every day. . . .

And those waffles?! Good grief, girl! As if 4 kids and kidney stones and everything else you mentioned aren't enough? I'm exhausted. But they look great. What an incredible idea.

So which blog tour is this? I love all the books I see everywhere I turn!

Quiet, huh? How many baseball games this weekend? I know The Preacher's Wife told me they have 4 tonight in Alabama - and that will determine how many they have tomorrow. You guys are nuts! :-)

luvmy4sons said...

Great ramblings...sounds like so many family lives...busy here busy there...mishaps and difficulties and sweet blessings...Glad you hada great Easter and prayers for a quiet weekend, but I am sure you are not holding your breath! LOL!