Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Keeping it Real...or just a slightly disturbing update...

I mentioned last week that I'm struggling with trying pass yet another kidney stone here amidst the kids and the cakes.........make that two kidney stones. At least, I think that's what's going on, because I now have pain on both sides.....cue violins and listen for the huge sigh. The biggest problem I have with the stones is usually not the pain. Pain can be managed for the most part with some lovely medications that are very good friends of mine. The biggest aggravation for me is the nausea. Which I have not had this time around...at all...until last night......ugh.

Now, this is not In the Midst of It, or It Coulda' Been Worse, so you don't get many poop stories here. After all, poop and cakes don't really go well together. However, last night, our newly potty-trained two year old, had a poopy accident in the nighttime. I was already fast asleep because the kidneys they were hurting, and the nausea was just starting to rear it's ugly head....when I hear my husband saying, "Melody, where are the wipies? Dave's got poop everywhere." Now, personally, I think he intentionally "didn't see" the wipies sitting right there on the bathroom counter so that I would get up and help with the haz-mat cleanup. And I'm not sure I blame him. So, I took the boy and put him in my bathtub, and scrubbed him up and down with this stuff which smells infinitely better than, well...poop! I got the little nail brush and scrubbed his fingernails and toenails until he was all nice and clean and smelling fresh. Then I set him on a towel on the floor and I scrubbed the bathtub with this which has a lovely eucalyptus and peppermint smell. Then, I refilled the tub and washed the boy up one more time in fresh water. Then I rubbed him up with bath oil and sniffed long and hard of my nice clean little boy.

Meanwhile, Ben was scrubbing the bed sheets and whatever else he could find with poop on it, and complaining the entire time. I found it interesting that he thought all the "potty-training-mishap" stories were hilarious as long as they were happening when he was at work....not so funny anymore, huh mister?

ANYWAY, I woke up this morning to a quiet house with all the children sleeping, so I sat down to fold laundry and watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight, which I look forward to each and every week. Did anybody watch last night's episode? 'Cause the sextuplets had the stomach flu, and there was vomit in just about every single scene. So, I'm not sure if my nausea this morning has more to do with my kidney stone issues, or if it's more environmental. Either way about it, I'm grateful that there are no sports today; I have a laptop computer, so school can be accomplished from the comfort of my couch; and I did the grocery shopping last night, so I can relax and enjoy my day and wait for American Idol and The Biggest Loser to come on TV tonight...hopefully, no one will be vomiting on either of those shows tonight, because I'm not sure I could handle it if they did.


Darlene R. said...

Hey Melody,

I am going to come back and actually read this post later ( i am on my way out the door), but I wanted to ask you how you made the nintendo cake. My 6 year olds b-day is in a couple of weeks and he would HEART that cake! If I didn't stop and ask now, I would likely forget by this afternoon!
Do you mind sharing??

Mocha with Linda said...

You poor poor thing. I salute you handling all that you do. Hang in there.

RealEstateGirl said...

Hey Mel,

Just checking in on ya! Wow! You have alot on your plate! I hope all is well and you're feeling better soon.

I'm loving all the cake pictures you've posted! You are so talented!

I'll try to do better about my visits!

Much love,

Tracye said...

Last night around midnight I was laying awake... again... so I decided to pray for everyone that I could think of with health problems. You were first on the list, and I'm still believing for total healing!

What an awful night for you! And I'm sure he saw the wipies!!!

Mine does that stuff, too! :)

luvmy4sons said...

Hope you pass them soon...ouch that is so painful. When it rains it pours!