Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Just Wanted to Say...

There are a few things that I've been wanting to talk to you all about, but I've been so busy that I just haven't had the time, so as I sit here watching the end of the NASCAR race, I've decided to take the opportunity to chat with you all about a few things!

First of all, about a month or so ago, someone sent me an email asking if I would let both all of my readers know that a new show was launching on Fine Living TV. Unfortunately, they apparently don't hang out here often enough and didn't realize that a reminder, or seventy, was in anyway...a new show launched yesterday (oops!) on Fine Living TV called "Cool Kid's Parties"! Obviously, I missed it, but I'm planning to check it out next week...since they went to all the trouble to ask me to plug it and all! It airs on Saturdays at 11:00am central time. So, if you are looking for ideas for some cool kid's parties, you can check it out too! It'll be like we're watching tv together!!! Anyway, after I check it out, I'll post an update and let you all know what I thought about it.

And secondly, I've not yet posted any opinions regarding this season's American Idol, but I just have to say something! In fact I have an opinion or two to share.

1) I love, love, love, David Archuletta. I'm not an I-Tunes downloader by any means, but I will be downloading of his!

2) I could watch and listen to Jason Castro And he's from TEXAS, YA'LL!!!

3) There was only one of the guys this year that I wanted gone....and fortunately, he left us this week. But I will say this for Daniel Noriega....the boy can sing! If I was in the kitchen when he was singing, I thought he was fantastic! However, if I was anywhere within view of the tv when he sang, I absolutely hated it. I just couldn't watch him perform. But, I'll give credit where credit is due, the boy can sing.

4) I also don't have any girls that I want gone. I'd love to watch all of them sing for us each and every week! But I must admit that I do have three far :) I love Brooke White,
Carly Smithson (although I preferred the pre-tattoo version from Season 5), and Ramiel Malubay.

5) Seriously, the top 24 were all so amazing that I think this season, unlike season's past, will be more about who has a bad week, then who's fans can dial the most times. This is the most talented group they've ever had as a whole. I still think Kelly Clarkson would have beat any of them, but I'm not so sure about the subsequent winners. I think anyone from the top 24 this season could have won in a previous season. And Sanjaya? He wouldn't have made it past Hollywood!

6) This is shaping up to be an awesome season on ye olde American Idol, and I'm sooooo excited! I'm a huge music fan, and this is the perfect show for music fans! The only negative thing I've noticed so far is the fact that the songs they have done all together have been absolutely awful! I kept thinking it was going to be sooo amazing since they are all so good...but it sooo wasn't! I love it though. It makes me feel better about my own singing! LOL!


Kelli said...

Something about David Archuletta makes my skin crawl, so we'll have to agree to disagree :) However, Michael Johns? Love. Him.

And yes- riddance to Daniel. Ugh, Yuck. Icky.

Carly is our house fav right now, Brooke is in second (she refreshing)- and I'm all for Amanda or Ramiel to leave.

I'll be honest and say this is the first season (since Season 1) I've watched Idol before the final 6. Normally, I jsut wait for the weeding out to occur- I know, I'm shallow. LOL

luvmy4sons said...

I love David A. too! I agree there are no stinkers in the lot!