Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: The Backwards Edition

So today is the backwards edition of "Works for Me Wednesday". Which means that instead of sharing with you something I've found that works for me, I get to ask you a question that I've been struggling with and ask you all "What works for YOU?" Let's get to it, shall we?

As most of you know, I suffer from a kidney disease that forces me to adhere to a pretty strict diet. Therefore, I can't eat a whole lot of traditional foods and recipes. Couple that with four kids who are picky about what they eat, and a husband who isn't picky, but doesn't want to suffer along with me, and I find myself making two complete meals many evenings. Sometimes, it''s not that big of a spaghetti nights, I just make myself a different sauce, and substitute sauteed zucchini and onions for the meat, and it's not really that much more work. Sometimes, however, it's a giant pain. While I don't want to cater to picky eaters, I also know that I don't like to eat things that don't taste good to me either, so I try to make things they will like.

Your mission today is to give me your tried and true recipes for main dishes, sides, desserts, whatever, that kids will eat. The catch is that said recipes can not include any of the following:

no cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese
no chocolate (sob....sob....waaaaah!)
no mustard
no greens of any kind (collards, spinach, turnip)
no broccoli
no salad dressing
no dried fruit
no molasses (which also rules out brown sugar, unless it calls for 1/4 or less to the entire recipe)
no salt (this means, no canned soups, no powdered soup mixes, and only "no salt added" canned veggies)
no canned meats
no fish
no olives, pickles, or sauerkraut
no deli meats
no barbecued or smoked meats
no barbecue sauce
no corn chips or corn tortillas

I also have to limit my protein intake, so I can only eat 6 oz. of protein a day, and lean red meat and eggs are better than poultry, so I try to only eat chicken or turkey once or twice a week at the most.

I know there are a few more restrictions that I can't think of off the top of my head, but they are of the more "rarely used" variety, so I only will remember them if they show up in a recipe. I have a formal list, but it is missing from my purse at the moment, and I'm not sure where it is, so we'll just go with the above list for now.

So there you have it...can any of you out there help me with some tasty recipes that my kids will eat and I can have too?

Now head on over to Rocks in my Dryer for more "Works for Me Wednesday: Backwards Edition" questions and answers! But not until AFTER you leave me your yummy recipes!


Tracye said...

First, let me say, "WOW!" I really feel for you! I know I couldn't do it.

Okay... this is a tough one, but I think I have something that may work. My family loves chicken fried steak. We usually use venison, but round steak is good, too. I don't like to fry stuff, so I pound my steak super thin under plastic wrap, sprinkle a little flour and whatever seasonings you want on one side (here you can season yours differently than theirs) and then put them flour/seasoning side down in a skillet coated with Pam, or a tiny bit of oil. Then flour/season the side that's facing up. Flip after a couple minutes.

We also love mashed potatoes. I peel enough red potatoes for our family, minus one potato, chop them up, and cover them with water to boil. I usually add chopped raw cauliflower before I put the potatoes in, so in case anyone looks in the pot, all they see is potatoes! Sneaky, but they have no idea they're eating cauliflower every time I make mashed potatoes. My husband is Mr. Picky-pants of the World. He'd die, with much moaning, if he knew what he was really eating, so don't EVER mention it on my blog! Anyway, after they're tender, I drain, and add butter and milk (salt can be added at the table) and whip in the mixer.

My husband likes biscuits and white gravy with this, along with some corn.

I'll try to think of something else, but your list certainly makes it hard!

The Preacher's Wife said...

I got nothin.

You poor baby!! I'm going to think on this and see if I can't come up with something for you. :)

Love ya,


Mocha with Linda said...


As I read your list, I kept thinking "is there anything left?!" Bless your heart!

My kids love cheese, so I'll have to think a bit and see what I can come up with.

I guess since you homeschool you escaped TAKS today, huh?

luvmy4sons said...

I am a raw vegan. So I understand about making two meals or more. I have been one for four years. I eat about 15% cooked food, but no salt, no white flour, no diary, no meat, no processed sugar. Well, that is the goal and I am good about 80% of the time. When I cheat I have pain. I have fibromyalgia, rhematoid arthritis, degenerative disc disease and Raynauds Syndrome. I found a great web site with lots of delicious raw recipes. It is:

Tracye said...

I just thought of you after I posted for today.

We had breakfast for dinner tonight, and I made some caramel diced apples to go with the eggs I thought I had more of!

The recipe is on my blog if you're interested. It does contain molasses, but only about a tablespoon.