Thursday, March 13, 2008


That's life around here today. Not that we don't have a million and six things to do, mind you, we're just all feeling quite lazy and relaxed, and the idea of moving from our respective spots on the couches and recliners just seems like too much work!

On the docket for today is; of course, schoolwork; the ever-present laundry; picking up the house [or at least the areas people can see if they knock on the door! :)]; packing for our camping trip; cooking for our camping trip; and of course, panicking because we are nowhere near ready for our camping trip!

So, that's how I'll be spending my day here in the land of kids and cakes.....thrilling isn't it? I know!

I promise, if anything remotely interesting actually happens around here today, I'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, I'm off to load up the washing machine and start trying to impart knowledge to my peeps. Perhaps, you should just click the player above and listen to some fab music for awhile....

Oh, I almost forgot....... just because I know you all are dying to know what I thought of American Idol this week....

I absolutely loved Chikesie and Brooke White.

I liked David Cook, Ramiel, Carly, Michael Johns, and Jason. , (Although I was not at all happy with Jason's revelation that he is an....AGGIE. I mean, he actually "whooped" on national TV! He can't be a true AGGIE with those dreads though...I mean seriously, there has to be a little bit of aggie-rebel in there somewhere, right? I am choosing to give him the benefit of the doubt...because he's so beautiful, and he can sing too!)

I didn't dislike Syesha, David Hernandez, or Amanda.

And I felt really, really badly for David Archuletta and Kristy Lee because he forgot the words--which is usually the kiss of death on this show, and because her song was! I think it would have been much better if it were s-l-o-w-e-d d-o-w-n just a bit! I had no problem with her singing of the song, it was the song itself. I felt like the drums were completely out of control and I couldn't concentrate of the singing because of the manic drumming. And I'm not just a huge "Beatles" fan myself, personally (shhhhh)....but my husband is. He thoroughly enjoyed the performances this week, much as I will enjoy "country week" sometime in the future. :)

That said, I figured either Kristy Lee, or David Hernandez would be going home this week. I'm sad that David is gone, but I'm happy for Kristy Lee that she will get another chance...she sang "Amazing Grace" for her very first tryout, and that still holds some weight with me.

And yes, we are all on a first name basis now, because I can't remember all their names and spellings because we are such close, personal pretend friends.....except for the Davids, because there are just too darn many of them......well, not quite so many now, I guess.

Okay, now where was I....oh yeah, laundry.......blech!


Barb said...

I, for one, love "yawn" days. I'm jealous. I'm also jealous you're going camping. Sigh.

My very favorite, although I don't think she'll win, is Brooke. I strongly suspect David Cooke will win it all because really, he is idol material. Outstanding singer.

But I just love Brooke. She's so, so sweet and I love her singing style. Takes me back to the 70's, my very favorite music decade.

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

HI:) Catching up around here.... you're going camping;) how fun! And those glean towels look great:)

Hope you are feeling better with your kidney stone!

And I too just felt like sitting on the couch today!!!!