Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today is the Day to Love on Heather and Her Family!

*Shamelessly copied from Boomama's site today*

Are y’all ready to spread a little love? :-)

Today we have such an incredible opportunity to minister to our sweet friend Heather and her family. If you’re not familiar with the story behind this love offering, you can click here to see all the details.

If you are familiar with the story and ready to BLESS HEATHER’S SOCKS OFF, go here and click on the little “Make A Donation” button at the bottom of the post. The minimum donation is just one dollar - but certainly you may give more if you’d like. Your transaction will be completely secure via PayPal, whether you pay with your own PayPal account, your bank account, or a major credit card. If you don’t feel led to give or aren’t able to give today, then you can still contribute by praying for Heather and her family - and I know that they will be beyond grateful for your prayers.

Boomama will be posting updates on our progress throughout the day, and don’t worry - the donation button will stay active for a couple of weeks, at least. So if you can’t contribute right this second, that is perfectly fine…you can come back by tomorrow or the next day and still have the opportunity to give.

More than anything, may God be glorified as His children come forward to lift up sweet Heather.

Thanks, y’all, for everything - and I’ll keep you posted!


RealEstateGirl said...

Done! I think this is an awesome thing!

JennaG said...

I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful "ring" of Christian women. This truly is a wonderful thing. I'm glad you liked that book. I have read every book in your booklist on the sidebar. They were all wonderful. I would be glad to recommend again--I have quite the library! Thanks again for coming by!