Saturday, April 28, 2007

In which I shamelessly brag on my boys...or at least their teams!

So, it has been quite a while since I have posted the results of any of the boys' games. That would be because I've had SOOO many more interesting things to post about...NOT! It would actually be because lately both teams have been STINKING IT UP!!!

After the initial 3 game "Practice Tournament" in which b's baseball team won EVERY! SINGLE! GAME!, they then turned around and began the regular season with FIVE! STRAIGHT! LOSSES! Then, two weeks ago, there was a Mid-Season Tournament, and they WON! EVERY! SINGLE! GAME! and took the Championship for their division. They had a week off from baseball, and returned to the regular season games by LOSING! BIG!

However, after a serious "Come to Jesus Meeting", they have now WON! TWO! GAMES! IN! A! ROW! and it's not even a tournament!!! b has had a couple of good hits...something that had been sorely lacking. AND he has been making some outs playing 2nd base and even shortstop today! He got a double-play this week by catching a pop-fly and then throwing out the guy trying to run back to first base! Can you say, PROUD! MOMMA!???

And here is the boy stealing home on a wild pitch.

J's soccer team won their first game right out of the box, and then lost EVERY! SINGLE! GAME! with the exception of one tie...UNTIL! TODAY! Today, they won...7-2! J didn't have a whole lot to do with the win...he just wasn't in the "soccer zone" today, but they won, so it was a good sports day all around at our house today.

And here he is in the game...he's the one standing by the referee, watching...not the one actually RUNNING TO THE BALL!

And because I know you have all been is my man. He is taking a break from coaching 3rd base while the other team changes pitchers....again. I snapped the shot just before he spit out a sunflower seed! You can see that I married him for his rugged good looks...oh, and his legs! Woohoo!

And just because I find it to be one of the sweetest pictures first and last born watching my second born play soccer.

Have I mentioned that I am a sports FREAK, and I HATE! TO! LOSE! I have absolutely zero athletic ability, but I LOVE! SPORTS! and I am just slightly competitive...with other people's talent that is! And on that note, MY! SPURS! WON! TONIGHT!!!

Now at our house, if there is a sporting event playing on the tv, aside from Indy Car Racing, I would be the one who turned it on. B (notice the lower case b for little b, and the capital B for daddy...clever, no?) will watch sports with me on occasion, but will not be the one to turn them on, and if I leave the room to, say, fix his dinner, or switch the laundry over, he WILL change the channel. He does willingly watch Longhorn football with me, and NASCAR, but the rest would never see the tv in our house if I didn't turn them on. However, I don't generally watch basketball. I will watch almost anyone play football, and I follow at least 6-8 Major and Minor League baseball teams. I keep up with 3 or 4 tennis players, but I only watch basketball twice a year. I watch March Madness when the Longhorns are in it, and I watch the Spurs in the playoffs. I do LOVE my Spurs. I could give you a list of why, but then this post may go beyond general rambling, to so completely boring, that you turn off your computer and go do the dishes! Anyway, it's the playoffs, and I holed up in my bedroom and watched them beat up on the Nuggets tonight in complete happiness.

On one final, completely unrelated note. I have a word of advice that you MUST heed. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, begin a Karen Kingsbury novel when you have an unfinished "To Do List"! Once you get to a certain point in her books, there is just no putting it down! On a positive note, I did read about 200 pages today, and was able to finish the book so that it won't interfere with what promises to be my busiest cake and cookie week EVER. I got absolutely NOTHING done on my list today, but now I'm free to work next week without the temptation of a Karen Kingsbury book staring at me! I'm not even going to the library until this week is is just NOT a good idea!

So, as I said, I have a busy week with cakes and cookies, so I may not be back to post for awhile. I'll definitely be in and out with pictures for you though. How sad is it that what may be my last post in awhile was complete rambling? Oh yeah, that's what ALL my posts are...okay, we're good.


Barb said...

Of course we're good. Rambling posts are the best. And brag away - when they do good, we get to brag.

C said...

I agree, UB has beautiful legs. :)