Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Prayer List Update

As you know, I keep my weekly prayer list in my sidebar. Some of the people I pray for have links and you can click on their name and get more information about what to pray for. I am moving Kelli to the TOP of the list today and adding a link to BooMama's post about the immediate danger that Miss Kelli is facing. Ya'll, this emergency happened about 2 am. Tuesday morning. Do you know what Kelli was doing on Monday morning? She was emailing ME to find out how I was feeling!!! She is my hero. We both have kidney issues, but hers are SOOO far and above more awful than mine and yet she handles hers with so much more grace and humor than I ever have. She encourages me. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for Kelli. She has some immediate needs, but the bottom line is that Kelli needs a new kidney. She just does. Also please pray for her husband and kids. They are so scared right now. And you mothers know that THAT is harder to take than your own problems! I know Kelli is more worried about her family than herself.

Also, I am adding Heather from "Especially Heather" and "Swank Style" and "Praying for Emma Grace" to the list this week. She has just been diagnosed with a tumor in her brain, but she knows nothing about where it is, what it means, or what's in store for her future. She says that her husband hasn't stopped crying...doesn't that just break your heart? So, I am praying that when Heather goes back to the neurologist for her appointment they will find NOTHING! That it will be one of those "What happened? Who screwed up?? There's no tumor here!" kind of appointments. Will ya'll agree with that? Thanks ya'll.

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