Friday, April 13, 2007

Nine and One Half Hours Spent Over Three Days...

And you get 6 dozen, count em, 6 dozen cookies.

And they all look like Thomas, The Tank Engine!

And now, I'm going to take something for this dreadful headache, put my feet up, watch the Spurs kick some basketball bootie, and chill until I absolutely HAVE to get up and feed the family and wash the uniforms for tomorrow's games!

Oh yeah...

and THIS is what you get when the lenses get poked out of your baby's sunglasses!! The cutest nerd on the whole street!


RealEstateGirl said...

Again, Mel, I am impressed with your cookies!!! You are so talented!

My hubby saw the picture of your little one and said it looks like the kid in "A Christmas Story"!!!

Too cute!

Kelli said...

I"m so stinkin' jealous. I can't bake a thing to save my life.

Can we still be friends, now that the truth is out?

And .... how are you FEELING!!!!

The Preacher's Wife said...

wow...those cookies are amazing..what a shame to actually eat them!!