Monday, April 30, 2007

Handbag Tag

Well, I have been busy today cutting out, baking, and icing about 200 cookies....I would post a picture, but they all just have the first color on them. Details will be added tomorrow, and I'll post pictures then for you to see.

In the meantime...

My buddy Lisa over at The Preacher's Wife tagged me for this handbag reveal. You really want to get to know someone? Go through their purse! So, since I really needed to clean out my purse, I'm playing along!

Here is my purse!

I told you I was a baseball fan! Now I had one picked out last fall for football season, but money was tight, and I just couldn't justify it. Maybe this year...

(And yes, I use this purse ALL THE TIME. Even to church! I did switch it out for a wedding once, but otherwise, this is my purse for better or worse. It's actually broken and the strap comes unbuckled all the time, but I love it too much to let it go!!!)

And here is what actually belongs in my purse!

top row: my Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil travel compact, my list of what I am and am not allowed to eat -- it's two pages people, and I can't always remember when I'm out! A package of batteries, because we always seem to need them when we are in the car for game-boys, or two-way radios, or the remote control for the VCR (boy do we sound spoiled!), the two rolls of dimes I keep for unexpected rewards for the kids when they do good stuff. The idea is that they get dimes when they obey without questioning, or help someone without being asked, or other such things, and then they put them in a bank to save up for a new Playstation 3...they have a LONG way to go to get that new Playstation! My PDA, which happens to be a Dell Axim, because my computer runs Windows XP Media Edition and Palm is not compatible, so I have to have a PDA that runs Windows Mobile. (I'm saving up for a Smart Phone -- then I can blog from ANYWHERE!)

second row: My meds -- the smaller bottle is the Vicodin which I take for pain and must ALWAYS have with me. (I had an attack once while driving, and it is impossible to drive in that kind of pain.) The bigger bottle is my regular stuff I have to take 4 times a day to keep my kidneys functioning at some semblance of normal. My checkbook is next and the embossing that you can't see is the MLB logo. If I had opened it up for the picture, you would have found Houston Astros checks inside! (BIG fan, I'm telling you!) My purple ballpoint pen, 'cause it's my signature color. Next is my wallet, which matches the purse...I may not match my purse to my outfit or to the occasion, but my wallet and my purse DO match, oh yes ma'am they do! My Sally Hansen Hand Therapy for extremely dry skin. I wash my hands A LOT, and I need intense moisture!

bottom row: And finally, my little purple sewing kit -- just in case!

After I snapped the picture, I remembered the outside pocket of my purse. I took another picture that included my "plumping" lip gloss in a lovely rosy/mauve shade and my silver business card case which happens to be empty because I gave them all out when I delivered a cake to a Rehab Clinic with a full waiting room of people who apparently LOVE cake! I did snap another picture, but apparently I turned off the camera before it processed the picture and committed it to memory, because it just isn't there!

And now, for all the things that were in the purse that didn't belong there!

Okay, that pile on the left is a bunch of receipts. There always seems to be someone behind me in the line who is in a HUGE hurry and starts moving up in the line before I can put the receipt in my wallet, so I just shove them in my purse. And just FYI I found only one in the pile that I actually needed to keep! The pile at the top is made up of coupons which I never use for the most part. I just forget I have them! There was one bubble gum wrapper, and one flyer from M's ballet class there on the right. There was also a toy car, and Sponge Bob playing cards that I took away from one of the kids at one time. The broken ear piece to my glasses that Lenscrafters couldn't fix. One old battery that I replaced with one from that package you saw earlier! The tea-light candle was part of a visual aid for one of the lessons in the Bible Study I told you about here And an empty bottle of my all-time favorite lotion "Palmer's Cocoa Butter". It smells like chocolate, and although I can't eat any these days, I can still smell it!

Now here's an interesting little twist for you...I found a hole in the inside pocket of my purse, and these items had found their way through that hole and into the lining of my purse!

That is my old cell-phone that the speaker went out on, so I let D play with it until he started chewing the buttons right off the thing. My pedometer which needs a new battery, but it is not readily available at the Wal-Marts or the H.E.B. (THE grocery store of Central Texas ya'll), so I carry it in my purse just in case I happen to be over by the battery store...yes, there is a store up the road that sells nothing but batteries of all shapes, sizes, and voltage. A penny, a cough drop, and my extra tube of mascara just in case I need a touch up.

So, there you have it. Thanks Lisa for the tag...this was fun, and now I have a nice CLEAN purse!

If anyone else wants to play, consider yourself tagged!

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JennaG said...

I love your purse--my sister loves shoes and she has a purse with different shoes all over it. It is so her, as I'm sure this one is so you. I love that you posted your trash--'cause I know all these other people posting had trash in their purses!