Friday, July 13, 2007

Whew!! That was nerve-wracking!

Okay, so after I last "spoke" to all of you, the computer completely pulled a Linda Blair/Excorcist thingy and nothing worked right at all. So, I spent another $129 to buy flash drives to back up all of my files and pictures that I needed to keep, and my wonderful friend and neighbor wiped the hard drive for me and completely reinstalled my OS and drivers for me. So, I am now starting fresh with a basically new computer. There are still a couple of glitches that I'm dealing with, but they are more "software or website" related than computer problems, so I'll just keep working on them until I get it all figured out.

So, I have a couple of questions for all of you out there. I need some input on the best Virus protection software. I had Norton, but the new 2007 version has had some issues and may have been part of the problem in the first place, so I'm considering changing to a different one. Anybody out there have recommendations?

Also, I've set up my Outlook to receive my email, but for some reason it can send, but not receive. It keeps saying that the pop-server isn't recognizing my user name or password, but when I logon directly to the webmail with that same user name and password, it brings up my mail just yes, I can get my mail, but I have to do it on the web, and it is difficult to reply that way. For some reason, when I hit the "reply" button, it starts loading the page, and 5 minutes later, it's still loading the page. I just don't have that kind of time here, people! If anyone else has ever had that problem with Outlook and knows what to do, PLEASE share!!!

Finally, (for now anyway) I had my second weigh-in this morning on "The Biggest Loser Club" and I lost another pound. I was hoping for at least 2, but my schedule this week was all mixed up, and although I stuck to the proper caloric intake, I didn't always eat the best food, and because we were out and about quite a bit this week I missed one day of strength training, and because B had to work late last night, I only got in a 30 minute run rather than my usual hour. Not to mention the fact that I have been running with 3 lb. ankle weights (1.5 lbs. on each leg) and 2 pound hand weights, but hubby was worried about my joints, so he made me stop using them when I run. I will still use them if I'm just walking, or for some of my strength training, but they are out for running...sigh.

So, to date, my total weight-loss has been 5 lbs. in two weeks, and technically, I only have 7 lbs. to go, however it looks like in order to get my BMI (body mass index) to the appropriate 22, I'm going to have to lose at least another 5 lbs. When I set up my weight-loss goals, I chose a number that was right in the middle of the zone that they recommend for someone my height and age. And I chose the middle number because I know that muscle weighs more than fat, and I wanted to build muscle, not just lose fat, so I opted for a little more weight to account for all that muscle I plan on having. LOL! However, I know that in the past, I have felt my best at 5-10 pounds less than that, and apparently my BMI likes me at 5-10 lbs. less as well, so I'm shooting for the 5 lbs. less. (Which incidentally was the weight I was on my wedding day when I wore the most beautiful size 4 dress!)

Okay, I'd best get to it if I'm going to do better with my goals today! Woo-Hoo!!! I'll keep you all updated on my progess as I go. And I have the most wonderful recipe to share later as well!

Thanks for stopping by.

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