Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Can't Believe I Almost Missed it AGAIN!

Last week, I was all prepared with my Works for Me Wednesday post, and I didn't get it posted before Mr. Linky was down. So, I've waited all week to bring this to you, and here it is dinner time already! I almost missed it again!

The funny thing about this product is that I never would have bought it in the first place if it weren't for this blog. I was in a different H.E.B. than I usually shop at, so I was doing a bit of wandering trying to find what I needed in this new store. I was in the egg and dairy section when I came across this...

My first thought was, "Wow, now THAT would make some good blog fodder!" So, I bought it! In case you can't tell, it is called "Batter Blaster", and it is Pancake Batter... in a CAN!

It looks exactly like a can of whipped cream. But it's pancake batter. And if you look closely, you will see that it is not just any pancake is ORGANIC pancake batter!

Can you believe that?

So, I brought it home and the kids were ecstatic! They couldn't wait to try it out. :) So for breakfast the next morning I heated up the electric frying pan and sprayed myself some organic pancakes!

And do you know what? They are really good! One can made 24 - 4 inch pancakes (which was just enough for the four kids and myself), and they were really very tasty! The kids had me add cinnamon sugar to the second batch, but they ate them without syrup...they are THAT good!

If you go to the Batter Blaster website, you will not only hear a nifty little jingle, but you can put in your zip code and they will tell you where you can buy some for yourself! Tasty AND convenient! We bout 3 more cans this week... :)

Now, head on over to Shannon's Place for more "Works for Me Wednesday" Tips!


Kelli said...

I'll have to try it. Sounds pretty good! (Never thought to put cinnamon and suger on them. Duh!)

Unknown said...

Too funny - this is my absolute favorite for pancakes! It tastes good, too! Most of my friends/family think I am crazy when I tell them about it. Thanks for sharing with the blog world!

Cheri said...

Really? Pancakes in a spray can? I'm still adjusting to ordering pizza online - this is way beyond my comfort zone.

Oooo - but think of all the dishes I won't dirty if I'm not making them from scratch...

Thinking, thinking..

Mocha with Linda said...

That is truly bizarre. I've never seen it. Of course in the dairy section I'm usually buying so much milk there's no room in the cart for anything else! LOL

Robyn said...

What a coincidence! My kids and I were at the store yesterday and while I was waiting for my son to take a drink from the fountain, I looked over in the refrigerated case and saw this. I picked it up, but then out it back down and decided to try it again another day. Now I know I need to try it!

Vanessa said...

This is the best invention ever! Sutton actually gets something besides a cold poptart on school mornings now that we have found this! (Of course I only feed him organic pop tarts ;-) )

Anonymous said...

Besides cinnamon and sugar, chopped up ham and cheese make a great addition to Batter Blaster. It almost tastes like the Kolaches you get at HEB!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking.....Great for camping!!

Thanks for sharing!
Love your blog!

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