Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Today is my husband's 41st birthday! So, in the time-honored bloggy tradition, the kids and I have come up with a list of 41 things we love about him. And even though he generally doesn't read the blog...or have any desire to do so...we're posting it anyway!!!

Forty-One Things We Love About You:

41. You're a handsome specimen of a man!
40. You make pretty babies. (Um...MADE pretty babies...all done now!:))
39. You allow the children to try things that I never would.
38. You coach the kids' baseball teams.
37. The kids WANT you to coach their teams. :)
36. You encourage the kids to try new things if they want to.
35. You ask me to video tape Maddie cheering when you can't make it to the game.
34. You show Benji what you're working on, and explain how you do it, and why.
33. You get Jon's sense of humor and you laugh out loud with him.
32. You recognize Maddie's inner beauty and you adore her.
31. You smile whenever Dave walks into the room.
30. You always seem impressed when I show you my latest cake.
29. You don't allow the children to be disrespectful to me...ever.
28. When you do something, it is of the highest quality.
27. Everyone wants you to do stuff for them (See #28).
26. When you have worked in someone's house, they want to keep you around even after you're finished.
25. When you work, you work hard.
24. When you play, you play even harder.
23. You don't like to play without me.
22. Or the kids.
21. But you will, if you see that perhaps I need a break.
20. You have allowed me to take a weekend or two away by myself, and the kids were still alive when I got back.
19. You stayed up most of the night to install my new washer and dryer so they would be ready for me to use as soon as I woke up.
18. You even scrubbed the laundry room top to bottom before you put them in, so I wouldn't have to do it.
17. You bought me a new oven one year for Christmas, because you knew I really wanted one...even though you really wanted to paint the house instead.
18. You never do anything half-heartedly.
17. You are always willing to help out any of my family when they need you.
16. You are a now a NASCAR fan...even though when I got you, you were strictly an "Indy Car" man.
15. You always take me to cool places. (This one was from Maddie)
14. You always buy us the best presents. (This was Benji's contribution)
13. You are funny. (This from little Dave)
12. You have a truck. (Um...that came from Jon)
11. You share your chips with us (From Maddie and Dave)
10. You let us eat Pop Tarts for breakfast at the Deer Lease. (From all the children)
9. You laugh at stupid movies with us. (From the boys)
8. You rewind funny stuff on t.v. over and over and over...
7. And you laugh harder every time you replay it.
6. You are my hero (aka Cuh-Cuh Boy)
5. You genuinely like spending time with the kids.
4. You don't like leaving the kids behind when we go out for our anniversary...you think they should be included.
3. You cry at Maddie's dance recitals.
2. You cried at the birth of each one of our children.
1. You love me more than anything else in the whole world....and you make sure that I know that.

Happy Birthday Ben!

We love you very much!!!

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Mocha with Linda said...

What a sweet tribute! Happy birthday to your guy!