Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Contest Winner...FINALLY!!!

Sorry, I didn't get to this last week everyone, but when I'm in the middle of making wedding cakes, the rest of my world comes to a screeching halt! And for those of you who sent emails to me last week and didn't get a reply...again, my profound apologies!!

So, this week is a fairly light week, and I'm trying to catch up on those things that I let slip over the past few crazy weeks. Football season has started, but neither of my boys made weight this year, so it's just the girl cheering this time. I always said that I would never put my girl in cheer unless she was cheering for one of her brothers, but the Man over-ruled me. He said that if she wants to keep cheering, she should be allowed to because she has enjoyed it, and she's good at it...all true, but still....anyway, the girl is cheering, the boys are dirtbiking, and David is still David, but all in all the schedule is lighter than normal without two boys playing football as well. :)

So, the first thing I started to catch up on was my exercise routine. I've fallen off the wagon as you can tell from my sidebar, but I started a new program this week mixing weight-training, cardio, and running and good grief am I sore this morning! Yesterday was my first run in over a month and I had to go back to my original training technique of running through one song on my MP3, then walking through the next and alternating that way. I'm hoping to be back up to running 5 miles by this November's "Race for the Cure"....we'll see how that goes!

The second thing I need to catch up on is my bloggy business. I have a "Third Day" CD, T-Shirt, and Lifeway Bookstore Coupon to give away for goodness sake! So, since I had a whopping 3 people enter the giveaway, I did the selection process very scientifically. I wrote all three names down and put them in a bowl and had the Girl draw one out! And the winner is.....

Denise at Stamping for Sanity!

Congratulations Denise!!! I've been listening to this CD since I got them last week, and it's really, really good! And now, since I need to get your winnings to you, we have an excuse to get together!!! (As though we needed excuses!)

Okay, I could stay here catching up with you all for hours, but we're still having school here in the House of Kids and Cakes, and I haven't had my breakfast yet and I'm STARVING!!! So, I'm going to go for now, and I'll check back with you all soon!

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