Monday, January 14, 2008

An Update to Ease Your Little Minds....

....after my last post, I'm sure there are those of you out there who are terribly concerned about my allergies and my itchy, no eyeliner or mascara eyeballs....I know that because my mom reads this blog, and a mom will always be concerned. Especially if she's afraid you might call and ask her to keep four children while you sit at home and scratch your itchy eyeballs!

You will all be happy to know that after I woke up this morning and scraped the crust off of my eyeballs, I called my doctor and made an appointment! The fact that I haven't been there since 2003 had them all in a tither. The nurse seemed quite concerned that I had been neglecting my health. After I explained to her that I see a kidney specialist every six months and my once a year, and that I really only come to see my family practitioner when I'm actually sick, she just stared at me. I told her, I don't get regular sick very often, I prefer to stick to the chronic diseases myself. In fact the last time I was there was for a knee injury. I can't remember the last time I was actually sick. I just don't have time for colds and such...I'm too busy with the life-threatening, must have surgery, type of illnesses....

ANYWAY, Mr. Doctor-Man told me he could prescribe some allergy meds, nose-spray, and eye-drops that would make me feel better in a few days...OR....he could just give me a cortizone shot that should get me through the rest of the allergy season and would help me feel better like, TOMORROW...hmmm, decisions, decisions. I told him I'd do whichever he thought was best. He looked me in the eye and apparently agreed with me that eyeliner and mascara are NOT OPTIONAL, and gave me the shot. He was going to give me a sample of some eyedrops that he said would be very soothing, but they had given them all out already...sigh. So I headed on out to do my grocery shopping (I know, I'm very brave being seen in the HEB without eyeliner OR mascara, but when you need toilet paper, you need toilet paper!) Anyway, I picked up some Visine Allergy drops while I was there, and came home to find my neighbor had left a message for me telling me about some fab eyedrops to, if the Visine and the Cortisone don't do it, I'll be heading back out to the HEB tomorrow!

So, you can all relax and rest easy tonight, and hopefully I'll be back up to fighting form tomorrow so I can fill you in on the rest of my week...I've been a very busy Mama!

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Cheri said...

You know, I really haven't suffered from allergies much. I mean, there's a medication I can't take, and I react to sulfites in wine, but that's not bad.

Remember around Christmas I posted about thinking I'm suddenly allergic to my house? It was the candle we kept lighting, day after day. It took almost a week and a full airing out of the house (with all windows open) for me to finally be able to breathe inside.

The candle is no longer part of our household.