Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just When I Thought....

...I didn't have to watch him every.single.second.

For the record, that is "CoverGirl Outlast" lipstick and it stayed like that for two days! (Good stuff that CoverGirl!) Kinda looked like lip fungus though, so we just kept him in the house until it wore off, 2 days and many, many baby-wipes later...sigh.


Cheri said...

I have my three nieces staying with us right now. The youngest - 3 - put her lipstick on yesterday. She is apparently under the impression her lips are about an inch wider than they truly are. It took all day to wear off

Darlene R. said...! That is so funny!
And Cheri-- I have my twin nieces and 2 nephews for 4 days. The twins,girls, get into EVERYTHING, lipstick included!

Grit said...

Do you remember when "the girl" got into Grandmas lip stick here at my house ... she colored the bottoms of her feet with it then left little foot prints on the carpet. :)