Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Man, oh man! I have been trying to get on this thing and update since Thanksgiving, but it's just one thing after another around here! So, a quick catch-up...I baked a turkey and some squash casserole, made a salad, and headed to Ben's brother's house for a day of eating too much food and watching football all.day.long. In short, my favorite kind of day!

And although I didn't enter our local Turkey Trot, I did manage to get out there and run 3 miles in the morning. And I managed to shave 3 minutes off of my previous best time for that distance. That's right folks, I ran a whopping 14 minute mile! I know, I know, not too impressive, but it sure made me feel better as I was eating all that pie later in the day!

Since Thanksgiving, we've ripped out the tile in the kids' bathroom and repaired the shower in there that has been constantly flowing for about 4 days straight (not dripping, flowing) and by "we", I of course mean "Ben". I don't do home repair.

We've decorated for Christmas inside and out and this time the "we" would be "the kids and me" because Ben was busy ripping out tile etc. in the bathroom! And if I hadn't already spoken to her on the phone yesterday, and told her all of this, you would have just heard a soft thud as my mother fell out of her chair reading this. We don't normally go out on the day after Thanksgiving and buy our tree. We are usually out a week or so before Christmas picking through all the leftovers and then scrambling to get it up before Christmas Eve. In fact I don't even think the outside decorations made it up last year at all! So, to have bought the tree, put it up, and done all the decorating was quite a feat for us...

And on THAT note, I absolutely HAVE to tell you about the new CD I received in the mail thanks to a head's up from BooMama. 150 copies of this Christmas CD by Michael W. Smith were sent out to lucky bloggers everywhere and I was one of them! I put it on and listened to it over and over while we put the decorations on the tree. I tell you, it was like coming home! Michael W. Smith was only the second Christian artist whose album I bought....well, it was a cassette tape, but until I purchased MWS's "Project", Amy Grant was the only Christian artist I ever listened to.

I saw him in concert at "Night of Joy" at Disney World in Florida when I was a freshman in college, and I just fell in love with his voice and his music! Playing this album felt like that first time I heard him in concert, and I fell in love all over again. The instrumentals are moving and beautiful, and the vocal pieces just seemed so familiar that I found myself singing along to songs I'd never heard before! There is just something about them that feels so familiar and comfortable. Even the kids didn't mind that I played it over and over and over!

So, you can go here to listen to the songs for yourself, and then you can just run on out and buy your own copy! Believe me, you are gonna want your own copy!

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Cheri said...

We didn't decorate for Christmas yet. The Boy asked. The husband asked. I refused.

The longer the tree is up, the more time the cat has to climb it, knock off ornaments, and break them.

Last year we lost more than a handful. I'm trying to cut down that number this year!