Thursday, November 1, 2007

Real Men Eat Bugs!

Yesterday was the "Hairyween" youth group celebration at our church. The theme this year was "Mullets and Mustaches" and the idea was to wear some sort of artificial hair. It was a virtual "Joe Dirt" meets "Billy Ray Cyrus" event! Hair, however was not the only attraction at this celebration...oh no, it was not.

Apparently the kids were all grouped into teams and sent to various stations where they were asked to do various and sundry things that ranged from the merely silly to the all out gross!

There was a station where you got points for your team if you agreed to shave your legs. (I know of at least one football player who left with striped legs because he wasn't finished before the time ran out...I assume he will finish the job when he gets home!)

There was another station where you "Bobbed for Stuff". The "stuff" included the classic, apples. BUT it also included things like; marshmallows, Spam, and ... PIGS FEET! Apparently, the number of points you earned went up with the level of grossness. I do believe that the pig's feet would earn the most points for your they should.

Then there was a station in which you were asked to eat a cricket for your team. Apparently, some girl on Benji's team asked him if he'd eat a cricket if she did, so he agreed. MY BOY ATE A CRICKET!!! He refuses to even put cheese in his mouth, he turns his nose up at hotdogs, and he isn't a big fan of cake...but a cricket? sure, no problem!! EEWWWW!!!

The final, and I believe the grossest by far was the worm station. I really would have thought the crickets would be harder to swallow than the worms, but apparently I would have thought wrong. I did hear things like, "the worms taste like garlic", and "the dirt is the worst part, if you can get past the dirt, the worm isn't that bad." Apparently, a LOT of kids couldn't "get past the dirt". My son included. When I was told that my son wouldn't eat a worm, I was never so proud. While I was proud of him for being willing to do something disgusting to help out his team (eating the cricket), I wouldn't want him just following the crowd all willy-nilly! As it turns out, he made a good choice because his team won the competition with the most total points, so he would have eaten the worm for nothing as they didn't need the points. I call that the wisdom of God speaking to my child!!

And no, he didn't get sick or anything afterwards...he is a REAL man!

Below is a picture of Benji with his mustache. He was going to go with a mullet, but could only find a blonde one, and he didn't want to have blonde hair (the goofy hairstyle didn't bother him, only the color!) I think after seeing all the crazy costumes the other kids wore, I think he may get more into it next year.

And here is a picture of Little Dave wearing the mustache...they all look just like Daddy! I wish I had thought to get them all mustaches and had them pose for a picture with Ben...too funny!

And now, if you stuck with me through this entire disgusting post, I'd like to remind you once again that this Sunday is the "Race for the Cure" here, and I am still planning to run. I am $35.00 short of my goal to raise $200.00, so if any of you wanted to make a donation, now would be a great time to do that! You can click here and make an online donation. Aside from that what I really need is prayers for the race. I'm running in the names of two of my friends who are losing their battles with breast cancer. Both of which have small children at home. I will be praying for a miraculous healing for them while I run and would love it if you would pray too! Also, I've been sick off and on for about a month and right now it's ON! I've requested to switch from the "Competitive Run" to the "Non-Competitive Run" in case I can't handle it and have to stop and walk awhile. I have only been out running once since that 5 Mile race in October, and I'm not sure I can make the whole 3.1 miles without a break. I am hoping to be able to get out at least once or twice before Sunday just to "test my legs"'s been too dark in the morning these days to go out at my usual 5:30am time, and Ben hasn't been home before dark in forever, but I am hoping to get out even if it means taking all the kids and pushing Dave in the stoller! Ugh, just the thought makes me tired! I think I'll go take a nap now...

And FINALLY...are you still with me...I know a lot of you have been missing the cakes. I'll have a post all about that soon, but for now I have a little something to tide you over. Last week my husband celebrated his 40th birthday! (Yes, he's younger than me, thanks for noticing...) ANYWAY, I used a picture of him as a 2 year old for his cake. Wasn't he adorable?!?! If it's hard to see, just click on the picture to make it bigger.

And if you haven't already, don't forget to stop by Shannon's Place for the Fall Y'all Bloggy Giveaway. There are some fantastic giveaways going on right now. I've entered several, but am hoping for a blog makeover! WOO-HOO!!


julie said...

Wow, that sounds like quite a lot of fun!!1

Darlene R. said...

He won't eat a hot dog, but he'll eat a cricket? That's a kid for ya!

I'll pray for you with the run coming up. I'm sure you'll do great!