Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's A Blast From the Past...

This is big internets! 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away a Pedal Car! No, I was NOT a child of the 50’s, but I do remember riding around in a Pedal Car as a kid. I think it was a Fire Engine. I’m not sure who it belonged to, but I did ride in one, and I always imagined my kids would have one one day. Who knew that pedal cars would be replaced by Powerwheels, way back then? Thankfully, Susan and Janice have a Retro-type store and they sell all those fun toys from days gone by so that we can share them with our little angels here in the days of video games, and computers you can hold in your hand!

You can go here to read all about the giveaway. You don’t have to choose the Pedal Car by the way, you can take the equivalent cost of the Pedal Car, $179.00, and use it toward the purchase of any of the fun, retro-style items in their store. You can go here to see all the different pedal cars and other fun retro toys that are available for sale…here in the 21st Century! They have tons of different models and they even have some Pedal Cars in an adorable PINK! So, go check it out, but just be prepared to purchase your toys because I will be winning this giveaway! LOL!

**And by the way, if you were expecting to find my "Bloggity Bookclub" post on Peace Like a River today, I apologize. The date for posting on this book has been pushed back, and hasn't been decided on as of yet. Yes, I have finished the book, and yes I enjoyed it, but the official post will have to wait until BooMama and Robin decide on a date. So, if you haven't read the book yet, and wanted to participate in the "Bloggity Bookclub", you still have time! I got mine at my library, so go ahead and check it out!**

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julie said...

That little pedal car looks like so much fun. I will definitely have to head over their and sign up for the drawing.