Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Baby Ethan Needs Prayers....NOW!

Baby Ethan has suffered another leukemia attack. After watching his blasts go down with the chemo, they have jumped back up again which means he can't get his bone marrow or stem cell transplant. The doctors have put him on one last type of chemo which is usually only used on older children and adults in a final attempt to kill all of the leukemia so that Ethan can have his transplant. If this doesn't work, they will simply look at ways to make him comfortable. We are still believing in healing for little Ethan! Please continue to pray, and if you could go to YouTube and rate this video, it will help to get the word out to more people to pray. The higher the rating, the more people will watch it, and the more people will be praying. So, please pray for this little guy, and rate the video if you can.

Thanks everybody!

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forgiven4this said...

O wow what to say......what a beautiful child, an amazing man of God. I will pray for Ethan, and for the family.

Blessings ((HUG))