Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weekend Wind Up Part 2--Mother's Day

Well, the daisy cookies were a hit with the girls...and the moms!

And now, for the rest of my weekend wind-up...

For Mother's Day I made this for my mom, who likes apples and has her entire kitchen decorated with apples...even the wall paper is apples! I also gave her a copy of the "Glory Revealed" CD that Boomama has been raving about over at her place because I bought one for myself, and liked it so much that I bought one for my bible study leader as a gift on our last night, and she liked it so much that she bought one for someone else, and I thought my mom would probably like it too...so it just keeps going and going and going! I also gave her a copy of "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" that I heard about from Sarah at "In the Midst of It" and listened to on CD with my kids who loved it, and we just thought grandma would love it too!

I made this one for my mother-in-law, who loves flowers. Along with this we gave her a hanging basket with three different colors of impatiens in it, and a gift card to Sears Grand where she can get more plants, or clothes, or groceries, or movies, or whatever she wants!

We had Mother's Day dinner at my mom's house with my grandmother. I haven't seen my grandmother since I was very young...maybe 8 years old or so... I can't even remember it's been so long! My parents just moved her down here from Montana. I know the heat will be a big change, but being with family will be good. We had a great time Sunday visiting with her. She has no hearing trouble, so there was no shouting, or repeating of anything, over and over. We got to just talk and laugh together. And although her eyes get tired when she reads for long periods, her eyesight is excellent as well, so we were able to show her the photo-slideshow that I had made for my dad, her son, for his 60th birthday last year. It was a photo journal of his life and was lots of fun to watch again. At dinner, Grandma was concerned that the ladies at the nursing home had sent the wrong version of TUMS for her to take with her meal. It was supposed to be Extra Strength, and they sent Regular. (Yes, she could tell just by looking at the pill!) But when my mom offered to give her two, she immediately said, "No!! I hate 'em!" Which made us all laugh, and forced me to re-tell this story from my sister from another mother, Lisa, over at The Preacher's Wife regarding the dangers of mixing antacids with diet sodas. Everyone got a kick out of that one. Thanks Lisa!!!

And, since I know you are all wondering...

This was my gift for Mother's Day. This pot usually sits to the right of my front door, and for 10 years it held my "ficus benjamina", known around here as "The Benjamin Tree" which the man and I bought when we brought our little Benjamin (Benji) home from the hospital. It endured many freezes throughout the years and always came back in full force the next spring. However, the winter of 2005-2006 was just more than it could stand, and it never came back. I have been looking at that empty pot by my door every day with a very sad heart. So, when I saw these hibiscus trees a few weeks ago, I told young Benjamin that I wanted one for Mother's Day to fill my empty pot. And lo and behold, Sunday morning, I walked up to my front step to find my pot filled with a beautiful hibiscus tree in full bloom! I really should have taken the picture on Sunday because it had eight beautiful blooms on it. You can see from the second picture that it will have many more in the next few days. I'll be sure to post another picture if it gets lots and lots of blooms all at once again.

So that is it for this edition of the Weekend Wind-Up...better late than never, right?

And now, it is time to hit the list for today! Yesterday, we took out M's toddler bed, and D's baby bed and put in a new twin bed for them to share until he is big enough to join the big boys. Today, we have to go and buy bedding for it. We had one set of sheets for it, but no spread, or shams or anything like that. So, we'll be picking that up along with a rail to keep the little man from falling out while he's sleeping. I also need to get supplies for the 4 cakes, 2 dozen cookies, and 3 cookie bouquets I have on my plate this week. Oh yeah, and the grocery store hasn't seen my face in quite some time what with the whole, way too many cakes and cookies to make in one week, and then the plague which hit immediately after. Although the children are perfectly content to eat Burger King, McDonald's, and Taco Bell for two weeks straight...I am not. Therefore, I intend to hit H.E.B. and make some good, old-fashioned, home made meals for my family this week!

I'll be back with pictures of the cakes and cookies along the way, and maybe even a post or two...in my spare time, LOL! See you soon!


Barb said...

I just tagged you, Melody. Let's hear some weirdness about you. :-)

The Preacher's Wife said...

I love your Mother's Day tree!

And I am so glad you are spreading the word about the rolaids and diet coke...we are saving many lives, my friend!