Sunday, May 6, 2007

And, we're finished...until next weekend!

And this was the final cake for the weekend. It is for a baby shower. M likes this one better than the wedding you think all the pink might have something to do with that???

A funny thing happened when I went to deliver the cake this morning. The lady I was delivering it to, asked me if I had made the wedding cake for a reception she was at last night...and guess what? I DID! She was at the wedding, and she just knew that had to be one of my cakes! (She's had quite a few of them over the years!) I just thought that was funny. Our connection is baseball, but I didn't think about the fact that other people I know would be there at the wedding!

Okay, now I'm going to take a nap while the little man is napping. Three of the little ones got colds this week, and apparently, we've taught them that whole 'sharing' thing a little two well! Hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow. I don't have as many cakes this week, but I do have a few and some cookies, AND it's M's ballet recital next weekend as well as b's final baseball tournament...

On the bright side, after the recital, there are only 3 more ballet classes before we are out for the summer, we had our last soccer game this past Saturday, and unless b makes the All-Star team, (which he played well enough this weekend to make, but on the overall season, I don't think he'll make it) we are finished with baseball for the summer as well! We have a trip to a Dude Ranch with B's office scheduled for the first weekend in June too. So, it looks like maybe, just maybe I'll get to relax a little before the next 'wedding week' hits at the end of June. Of course, I've said that before, and it never actually happens...but I can dream can't I?


Barb said...

Since you caught me taking a little break from all the house cleaning, over at Kelli's place, I thought I'd better get over here and say hi. Hi, Melody!

OK, that wedding cake is gorgeous. It's truly beautiful. I love that it's so different, with the chocolate ribbon draped all over it.

And I'm soooo glad the whole cake fiasco that you were so worried about turned out OK. Sounds like they weren't upset with you at all.

Kris and I have everything we need to do our wedding cookie favors now. I have to say, just looking at all the amazing ones you've made inspires me. Truly, if you hadn't done your tutorial, I wouldn't have had a clue how to make painted cookies.

Can't wait to show you our results.

OK, back to the cleaning. Ugh.

JennaG said...

Yay! Your hectic week is over--you did such a wonderful job. I would so call you if you were nearby to do my cakes.