Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Scan Results

Hello everyone. I know you are all on the edge of your seats wondering how my scan went...

Not as well as I had hoped. I was hoping to hear "Oh yes, there is a big, giant stone in each kidney, and we'll just go on it and take those out." Unfortunately, what I got was, "Well, with the naked eye, I can see that there are definitely stones in the kidneys, but we don't see anything large blocking the tubes. We'll have to wait for the radiologist to read the scan and let us know if there are some smaller ones in there or not." And then, when I asked about the calcifications on my kidneys, I got this, "Well, there are a lot. I'm not going to comment until we hear from the radiologist who will compare them to the last scan. He will be able to tell us if there has been any change. I just know there are A LOT of them."

So, I'm still waiting...he kept my surgery scheduled for next week pending the report from the radiologist. Really, if there are stones in the kidneys, I'd just as soon have them go on in and take them out before they try to pass and send me into a Vicodin eating frenzy. Also, if there isn't anything blocking the kidney flow, then we have to look elsewhere for the cause of the pain and other symptoms. I don't know if just having hardened kidneys would make them hurt or not. I do know that while all of my symptoms are common with stones, they are also common with chronic kidney failure. I'm obviously NOT in acute kidney failure right now, but chronic kidney failure means that I would be losing function a little at a time. That is also one of the possibilities with the kidney disease that I have. I had thought that with the medication and new diet, we had caught it in time. I guess we're going to find out whether or not that is true.

If the calcifications on my kidneys have increased, then we don't have things under control. I have another full kidney function test scheduled for the middle of June and that will tell us if my function has dropped off at all. In the meantime, I'm still just waiting. I'm still hurting, but it's more of just an aggravation at this point. It's been way worse many times before. The swelling goes down if I stay off my feet...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the numbness in my hands isn't as bad as it was, so that's a good thing.

Well, I'm off to get my very busy day started, and to drink some water! I'll update when I know more.

Thanks for stopping by.


JennaG said...

I will pray that you get answers soon and that you will have good news. So sorry you are going through all this.

Barb said...

You poor thing. More waiting. Sigh.

I had to laugh at the staying off your feet remark. I understand. Not possible. But I so hope they get you some answers soon. Not knowing is the worst feeling.

I also hope if it's stones, they can get rid of them without you having to pass them. Rob had ONE kidney stone, years ago, and I swear, I've never seen a man in so much pain before he passed it.

I don't know what to say to comfort you except to assure you that you are in my prayers.