Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Public Service Announcement on Putrescence....

For those of you who have not memorized the entire The Princess Bride movie (are there really any of you out there?)


1. in a state of progressive putrefaction
2. the quality of rotting and becoming putrid

WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.
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Shall I start with the fact that last night my soon to be eleven year old son came to me and said, "Mom, the living room smells like throw up"? Yeah, he did. And yeah, it did. However, I thought it was the leftover Mac and Cheese from lunch that I had thrown in the trash. "Just take the trash out, and all will smell better by morning." Uh-huh....

Except morning came, and it was worse. A lot worse.

So, I lit my Febreze candles, gave them time to start working their magic (they really are magic!), and went in search of The Putrescence.

May I just take a moment here to give a small piece of advice? If you find a Thermos: Foogo--Leak-proof straw bottle leaking from the bottom, DON'T! OPEN! IT! It makes a spectacular fountain...yep, it so does. (The Putrescence is now all over the clothes I was wearing, and I see a second shower in my very near future!) Oh, and the Febreze candles, can only do so much when The Putrescence is actually

Now, in my defense...we have different cuppies for different drinks throughout the day. I thought that the cup in question was the water cup. (I can just hear my friend Randy now "What'd you do? You THOUGHT!" Randy is a very funny fellow...RIGHT!) In fact, the liquid leaking out of the bottom was perfectly water...only it wasn't.

Anyway, had I known that it was the milk cup, it would have been in the dishwasher, and not out on the table. From now on, ALL cups will go into the dishwasher at night. He really doesn't need to have a cup of water handy during the night anyway, right? Right!

**This is the end of this Public Service Announcement**

And to think, I was considering getting on here this morning and telling you all that I was having total writer's block and I'd be back when I had something to say!

Now many of you are wishing I had stuck with that original plan?

Uh-huh, me too!

Now if you want to have a better experience in Blogland today, go here and watch the video. It is amazing, and will totally redeem your day after reading this post!


Mocha with Linda said...

Ewwww! I like my PSA much better. Well, in the sense that it isn't nauseating. Just painful to me.

Happy New Year Melody!

Cheri said...

At least you could smell it. I think I lost my sense of smell when The Boy was somewhere around 4.

Remember earlier this year I COULDN'T SMELL THE DEAD BIRD IN THE HOUSE. I thought the rest of my family was nuts. Until we found the dead bird.

Mel said...

Oh my!! not a great way to have your day go, hope your shower was wonderful!!!

Tracye said...

So much to say here...

First of all, LOVE the Princess Bride!!! My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Or, Happy New Year!

Second, yes, apparently the fun is over. Last night (again at 11:30) he wouldn't go get me some sour cream and cheddar potato chips. No love, I'm saying. His excuse? They're not good for me or the baby. Sure. Believing that.

Third, thanks for the kudos on the cake! It was a whole lot of fun to do.

And fourth, I am well acquainted with the putrescence. We once found (after days of smelling and looking) a sippy cup full of sour cream/water... formerly known as milk... leaking by the stereo.