Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the Vein of Being Thankful....

I bring you a post from Alex Brown of Signing Time. As you know, Signing Time is a favorite around here, and we all love Alex and Leah!

Recently, Alex, Leah, and Rachel all went on a trip to Ghana, Africa to do some work with a deaf school there. You can read all about it over on Rachel's Blog if you are interested.

Anyway, Alex wrote a post for the Signing Time Blog about being thankful. I can't remember how old Alex is, but he's not 12 yet, I'm sure. (I'm waiting on Rachel to Twitter his true age to me! :)) Anyway, Alex learned a lot about being thankful on that trip, and he shares it so very well!

So head on over here and read what young Alex Brown has to say about being thankful. It's definitely going to be required reading for all my kids this week!

And now, I must get back to the Wedding Cake Madness! Pictures and all the gory details still to come! :)


Tracye said...

You turned us on to Signing Time!

I think there are 8 or 9 episodes on TiVo right now... Cullen loves it!

Beth said...

We are big signing time buffs here, too. I think they are amazing people (I keep up with the blogs as well as owning most of the DVDs).

I just stumbled upon your blog, looking for info on home cake decorators, and I'm really enjoying it. My DD is only 19 months old but we are considering home schooling and hence I'm looking into home cake decorating for the purpose of making enough extra money to be able to stay home for the long haul.