Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Am Scared...

...but not because I have a new president.

I have felt for months that President Bush has gotten a bad rap (wrap?). I don't believe for one second that he always made the right choice. I don't believe that he is one is. What I do believe is that he did the best he could. Besides the fact that our president does not have absolute power, and many of the decisions made were congressional or judicial decisions, NOT executive decisions, the President is also reliant on advisers and intelligence reports, and many other things. I am sure there were choices made that were the wrong choices. I don't pretend to know what they were or what they should have's all way over my head. But when I see President Bush, and when I listen to him speak, I see a man who wants to do what is best for this country. I see a man who does not make decisions that are self-serving or in his own best interest. He just doesn't strike me as that type of person. I am proud that I voted for him, and proud that my country elected him... twice.

I wasn't sure at the beginning of this election if I could feel that way about either of the new candidates. However, when McCain was asked what he considered to be his greatest failure, and he answered that it was the failure of his first marriage, I caught a glimpse of the heart of the type of leader I could stand behind. When McCain chose Palin as his running-mate, I saw in her the heart of a mother. A mother may not always make the best decisions, but she always tries her best to do what's best for her children. I also saw someone who loves my Jesus. This is the same type of heart I saw in George W. Bush. I was encouraged. There was no perfect candidate, but there was a choice I could stand behind.

I do not dislike Barack Obama. I don't hate or fear him. I know nothing about Barack Obama personally. I don't know if he loves my Jesus or not. I don't know if his decisions will be self-serving or not. All I know is that he says he wants to help Americans in need, and that's a good thing. I also know that he does not plan to help unborn babies in need. That's a bad thing. That concerns me, but it doesn't scare me. I hope that President-Elect Obama will make good decisions for our country and that we will be stronger and more united under his leadership. Heck, I hope I do have more money in my pocket...I just hope it doesn't come out of yours. :) I will pray for him as he leads our country, and I will pray that he leads us to a good place. Yes, I voted for McCain-Palin, but I don't fear Obama-Biden as many have suggested.

Here is my fear. As a nation, we have basically proclaimed that we care more about money than about human life. And that scares me.


Tracye said...

I think we (and by we I mean not me... and not you, either, apparently) have proclaimed we care more about money than a lot of things.

I just kept saying over and over last night (to help get me over my intense, gut-wrenching disappointment) that God is still in control, He still has a plan, He knew this was going to happen before He created a thing, and there is most definitely no uncertainty, fear, doubt or hand-wringing going on in Heaven right now.

Did anyone else notice that while Obama was thanking everyone in his life for this victory, he never mentioned his Creator? Not until the very last words did he mention God.

That spoke to me.

Denise said...

Wow! You could not have summed this election up better than this. This is exactly how I feel today.

Cheri said...

I've had your post ear marked to comment on because it touched me to my very core. But Trayce is right - God is in control. Period.


Cyndee@Riezzee's Place said...

I found your post via Cheri above. I was also unsettled by the results, but tried to focus more on what God was doing in our Country. Why Obama? Why at this time in history? Could be the beginning of a great Bible story...maybe not. God can and will use the most unlikely. Our job is to pray and love. Thank you for sharing so concisely what has been on my heart also. Blessings.