Saturday, November 29, 2008

I think she must love me....

I had a surprise dropped off at my house today. If you recall in this post I mentioned my love for the "Butter Rum Life Savers". I also mentioned that they are next to impossible to find outside of a Life Saver's storybook.

Apparently, my forever friend, C. took that as a challenge and today her husband and daughter brought this by my house.
Can you believe it? An entire case of my most favorite flavor of Life Savers! Woot-Woot!!

When I called to thank her, she said there was no such thing as "impossible to find" and that she took that challenge...but personally, I just think she loves me. In spite of myself.

And I love her too. :)

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Darlene R. said...

Hi Melody! I haven't done very well with commenting on your blog lately. Sorry about that.

I,too, love Butter Rum Lifesavers! I think you'll be good for awhile now!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!