Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A title eludes me...

I know, I know...I disappeared again. I'm sorry. Besides being very busy, I've been having really bad headaches and time on the computer doesn't exactly help much. I'm not sure what they are from...allergies, new medication, kidney issues, old age....who knows. Anyway, I've managed to get them under control for now, but I'm just getting started baking and decorating the cakes for a wedding this weekend, so I'm afraid I'll be scarce again for the next few days. If I can pop in occasionally I will. In the meantime. I did do a cake for my niece's birthday a couple of week's ago...she likes coffee, lol.

And then last week, I got a last minute call to do a couple of cakes for a friend who was throwing a double surprise party for one guy's 40th birthday and another guy's engagement. I wasn't completely happy with them, but they were a rush job, so I couldn't get too fancy. I really LOVED the idea of the engagement one, but I wish I'd been able to have more time to redo some things on it. Oh well...hindsight and all that!

So, headaches, cakes, and schoolwork are about all that's been happening around here for the past couple of weeks...exciting, I know. I did manage to find a few more cakes that I did a long time ago and never posted, but they need some cropping, and I don't have the time right now. I'll post them along with the wedding cake pictures soon.

One final note...the Third Day CDs, t-shirts, and coupons have been shipped and should arrive here any day now! So if you haven't signed up to enter to win yours, click the picture in my sidebar and "get 'er done" 'cause time is running out!



Mocha with Linda said...

I always love seeing your cakes! Love the coffee cup. Too cute!

Cheri said...

My preordered Third Day order arrived today!!! Should I open a CD to listen, or should I save it for a gift and hope I'm lucky enough to win one??